David Boeri Shows Former Congressman Robert Drinan, S.J. Was a Tool of Whitey and Billy Bulger. Not!

This is a quick must read for anyone with even a passive interest in the Bulgers and the unprecedented power they held over our city and state for many decades.

David  Boeri of WBUR is in my honest opinion a “journalist’s” “journalist”.

Keep it up David. You’re proving points many people have been trying to make for years.


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  1. But Ernie, I'm confused!

    Your favorite blogger (present company excluded), Matt Connolly, rips Boeri apart for making insinuations when, in his view, the evidence doesn’t justify it. “How absurd. Fr. Drinan at the time was dean of BC Law School. He did not teach undergraduates. He was a man with the highest ethics. Yet Boeri wants to suggest he’s involved in some dastardly plot…. What’s wrong with these people accepting Boeri’s nonsense?” Etc. etc. Is Boeri right, or is Connolly?

    • Please tell me you are not serious David

      did you clique on the link I provided?

      eb3-fka-ernie-boch-iii   @   Sat 1 Dec 7:19 PM
      • I Added One Word At End of Title David....

        just for people like you.

        eb3-fka-ernie-boch-iii   @   Sat 1 Dec 7:24 PM
        • Drinan

          Should be beatified for his work on social justice and ending the war in Vietnam, but right wingers within an outside the Church will always smear his good name anyway they can since he rightly recognized Dogma cannot be enforced via the government which offends them. Thanks Ernie for pointing this out.

          • Re Howie

            Brothers Bulger had two parts: the part where Howie plagiarized Black Mass and the part where he somehow blames Whitey on liberalism. Needless to say read Black Mass and don’t give this hack of all hacks another addition to his toney Wellesley manse.

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