Democratic Party “Party” Report

Sunday is kind of a blur. When you invite thousands of people to your home, some of them come. The holiday party at my home has taken on a life of its own in a way that I never anticipated. Guests at my house on Sunday included Senator-Elect Elizabeth Warren, Congressman Jim McGovern, Lieutenant Governor Tim Murray, Secretary of the Commonwealth Bill Galvin, Treasurer Steve Grossman and Attorney General Martha Coakley. A Governor’s Councillor and a Governor’s Councillor-elect attended. As far as members of the Great and General Court we had Senators Jamie Eldridge, Ben Downing and Sal DiDomenico as well as Representatives Jen Benson, Kate Hogan, Tom Sannicandro and Representatives-Elect Danielle Gregoire and Jeff Roy. Worcester County DA, Joe Early and Register of Probate Steve Abraham both attended, Mayor Joe Curtatone of Somerville joined us. My friend and colleague on the DSC, Michelle Wu, a soon to be announced candidate for Boston City Council was with us.

There were a number of BMGers in attendance. I’m sure there were more than I know immediately. Among the elected officials, I know that Elizabeth, Jim McGovern, Steve Grossman  and Jamie post occasionally. Not sure about any of the others. Bloggers present that I know of included: michaerl forbes wilcox, lynne, christopher, john from lowell, johnt001, shiltone, carl offner, clarekelly, arthur powell, soffner, margot and metrowest dem. There are others who are less public about who they are.

People talked about why it was so well attended. There is a lot of excitement about the Senate race. Elizabeth Waren was there. Someone mentioned facebook and the Dispatch. I will say that I personally had a blast. This is really a grassrootsy kind of event.

I had some great conversations with folks. It’s late and Tuesday is a work day so I don’t have time to add much more.. Thoughts?

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  1. Do you keep a guestbook?

    I never got a nametag this time so if there were a sign-in I missed it. If I hosted a party like that with so many bigwigs in attendance I would certainly want a record of it!

    • Sign in table and nametags in the garage

      There were a few signs directing people that way. I made notes of the names of people I saw and was introduced to, to the extent that I could remember. I have 271 names in my records!

  2. There were a lot of buttons handy. Mine said ...

    You’ve Been Dispatched

    We can’t thank you enough for ALL that you do!

    • Seconded


      • I must add

        Never did I think I would actually be jealous of my inability to make a BMG event but I was sad throughout the day to be stuck Christmas shopping in the Western suburbs of Chicago. Someday I will return to our glorious commonwealth and if your home can handle future events Id love to make it. I would add I am sadder at not meeting the BMGers present than the public officials.

      • You should come some day with Lynne

        I appreciate all your kind words.

    • You're quite welcome

      I don’t have many of the “You’ve Been Dispatched” buttons. That was a slogan coined by Roger Lau for “Kate Donaghue Day 2010″ t-shirts. DSC member Sue Kennedy made the buttons for my DNC/DSC race.

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