Are Governor Deval Patrick and U.S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz Attempting to Obstruct Justice? Is The White House? Congressional Hearings Needed

I read the Globe today and for a brief second I thought I was reading The Onion. Then in the same instance I started to confuse Pearl Harbor Day with April’s Fool Day.

Like the satirical Onion stories the joke here could be told in the headline and further laughs sprinkled through the story. With this in mind here is the headline I would have written for this Frank Phillips gem

Deval Patrick seeks endorsement for U.S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz From Senate President Murray and House Speaker DeLeo

Why? Well here the first paragraph of the Globe’s story:

In a recent private meeting, the House speaker and Senate president were stunned when Governor Deval Patrick – according to a person briefed on the conversation – raised the prospect of US Attorney Carmen Ortiz running for governor and spoke favorably of the prosecutor whose probation investigation has rattled the Legislature. According to the person, Patrick said the federal prosecutor had a great story to tell about her successful legal career and left the impression he was suggesting the two should meet her.

Allow me to put this in perspective. Suppose my buddy Dan Conley started investigating some Boston city councillors. Who knows what for, but a grand jury is involved and it’s all over the papers and indictments are expected any day.

Now suppose that during the time the councillors are sweating it out as they go along with their routines out of the blue the mayor says to the two presumably about to be indicted by Conley, “Hey, Dan Conley’s not a bad fella and would be a good candidate to succeed me. You two really should sit down with him.”

As bad as that sounds add to it that, for argument sake, the mayor and Conley are buddies and travel in the same social/political circles.

That is what Deval did to Terry Murray and Bob DeLeo in their weekly private meeting?

But I guess that’s Ok.

Deval needs to explain himself on this.  Many questions need to be addressed.

What communication has he had with Carmen Ortiz about her campaign?

What communication has he had with Carmen Ortiz about Terry Murray and Bob DeLeo.

Same questions asked  concerning surrogates and the White House, including the big guy.

We all know the case they are pursuing is shit. In their panic have they blindly backed themselves into corruption of justice charges?

Perhaps Deval did?

I don’t know but there needs to be a congressional hearing or two and perhaps a special investigator. With subpoena powers.

Hey Steve Lynch you’re the guy that can do this.

The case to suggest nefarious conduct on the part of our governor and U.S. Attorney is much stronger than the ones being made against Tim Cahill, Jack O’Brien, and any of the other poor bastards caught up in that farce.

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  1. Sounds really odd

    I couldn’t find the story- is it on the free site or just the print/paid edition?

  2. this is how I read the story ...

    hacks are mad they are being investigated (you know, because they are hacks), hacks then “leak” what they hope will be an incriminating story to the Globe full with rich commentary. Personally I would be concerned if they were “aghast”, but as it turns out they were only “flabbergasted”.

    Crissakes, nothing changes on Beacon Hill. Ernie falls for it hook, line and sinker. On Ortiz, I thought the hair was across your a** not your eyes.

    Maybe they should have called TMZ.

  3. John McCain called....

    He wants his phony outrage and conspiracy theory igdignation back!

  4. "the House speaker and Senate president were stunned "

    …according to an unnamed source who heard about it from another unnamed source who might or might not have been in the room.

    It’s the end of the world as we know it.

    • Do you write for the Globe?

      ‘…according to an unnamed source, who heard it from an unnamed source…”…that sounds like a Globe column to me…you forgot to add: “according to a source who spoke on the condition of anonymity” or that other oft quoted source, ” official not authorized to speak on the subject”…and if that were not bad enough, they compound the damage when every other Globe reporter becomes an echo chamber retelling the so called “facts” in their own columns and reports…there used to be a difference between the Herald and the Globe but today they are sadly comparable fonts of info-tainment.

  5. Two Recommends But Not On BMG Recommend List

    The conspiracy continues.

    The pods are growing in more and more of the citizenry.

    Lyndon LaRouche died for our sins.

    eb3-fka-ernie-boch-iii   @   Fri 7 Dec 9:11 PM

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