Ed Markey Can Beat Vickie Kennedy in Dem Primary

That was the off-the-mark-point in my last post.

According to my internal computers Vickie’s margin of loss would be greater than Teddy Jr.’s..

So I’m just saying to all the Vickie Kennedy surrogates out there you may not want what you wish for.

The hundreds of phone calls from certain people to other certain people around the state and country won’t be done for her like the public perceives.

A call from Ted Kennedy to the mayor of Fitchburg and another to a schmoe in Springfield who can bring out 300 votes is what gets Kennedys elected to the Senate. Not to mention the phone banks done by actual Kennedys.

There are so many factors and that’s just one.

But if Markey gets Vickie one-on-one my money’s on Eddie.


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  1. Is Vicki Kennedy even running?

    That would be ridiculous.

    • She was the Recent Flavor of the Week

      Globe stories etc. right after Teddy Jr said he was out.
      She hasn’t said she’s out.
      I think Markey may have moved up his announcement perhaps in scarring the others off if she get’s in.
      She can win in a crowded field.
      Right now Vickie controls the whose on the ballot more or less.
      If she stays out we will see more credible candidates. If she’s in it could be her against Markey and some pathetic rich guy funding an off-season work program for political consultants etc.

      eb3-fka-ernie-boch-iii   @   Fri 28 Dec 1:18 PM
    • Ancient History and Another Race Bob

      She probably won’t run,but there is no doubt that this past week there has been increased speculation about her being the only candidate with “name recognition” that can beat Scott Brown.
      It was also reported that national Dems are pushing her and the stories were probably floated by that ilk.
      So my post is not geared toward Vickie as it is to the faction within the National Democratic Party that are pushing her.
      They needed to heat it.

      eb3-fka-ernie-boch-iii   @   Fri 28 Dec 1:25 PM
      • Well done, and point taken

        Anyway, it appears that good sense has prevailed: never something to be taken for granted.

        • Huh

          I get the sense Eb3 fashions himself as a fedora wearing, cigar chomping muckracker at a typewriter-that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t look stuff up before he posts it though. This ‘factoid’ is over a week and a half too late. And for the love of God people McGovern, Jr, and Affleck aint running either!

          • Wrong on That One JC

            She announced she wasn’t running after the post when she endorsed Markey.
            She hadn’t sone that before.

            JC stop trying so hard to get me.
            It won’t work.
            You just don’t have what it takes to do that.

            eb3-fka-ernie-boch-iii   @   Sat 29 Dec 9:52 PM
            • Two things

              Over a week and a half ago she ruled out an appointment or running herself, your correct that she endorsed Markey after this post though. I am not trying to single you out specifically but it’s a confusing special election already and it doesn’t help when people keep throwing out names that are clearly out. Where I will single you out is your shift from occasionally witty Mike Royko esque man on the street commentary to Drudge esque “scoops” that are immediately disproven or shown to have no legs.

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