Elizabeth Warren gets Banking Committee spot

Numerous sources are telling numerous news outlets (HuffPo apparently had it first) that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid will name Elizabeth Warren to the Senate Banking Committee.  Needless to say, this is excellent, excellent news, for a couple of related reasons.  First, it’s an obvious fit.  Warren has a lot of expertise in the subject matter with which that committee deals, and it makes perfect sense to assign new Senators to committees where their pre-Senate experience will be useful.  Second, it shows that Harry Reid is willing to make some waves and irk powerful interests.  There were lots of reports over the last couple of weeks that banking industry lobbyists were trying every trick in their books to keep Warren off the committee.  They didn’t work.

Third, it promises some truly superb committee hearings, if past experience is any guide.  Pass the popcorn.  :)


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  1. That is fabulous news!!


  2. What it also shows is that

    elections have consequences. Wall Street and other big money bet big on Scott Brown, and they lost. They lost to intense grass roots mobilization, both donations to volunteers. It would be a bit odd to say the least for him to antagonize the force that defeated big money and turned the seat back to Democrats. He’s not that politically tone deaf.

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