Elizabeth Warren Names Senior Staff – More thank you events

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Well it’s official. Senator Elect Elizabeth Warren has named her Chief of Staff, Deputy Chief of Staff and State Director.

Congratulations to Mindy Myers, Dan Geldon and Roger Lau. I know Mindy and Dan primarily through my work with them on the Warren campaign. Roger and I have worked on many campaigns together for many years, mostly since 2006. Roger and I have worked together for John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, Nike Tsongas, Mike Capuano, Richie Neal, Geraldo Alicea and Ayanna Pressley are the campaigns that come to my mind.  When he was on staff for John Kerry on the non-campaign Senate side he was always very responsive and accessible. For the record I am a huge fan of Roger. And he is a BMGer.

The thank you tour continues with events in Lynn and Lowell scheduled for Saturday. Officially called the “Starting with People” tour, there were events in Springfield, Worcester and Fall River this weekend. I was very impressed with the one in Worcester. Watch the Elizabeth Warren event page on her website for details on future events.

Saturday, December 8, 2012 3:00 PM
Tatiana’s Restaurant, 70 Market Street Lynn

Saturday, December 8, 2012 5:30 PM
Hookslide Kelly’s, 19 Merrimack Street, Lowell

An e-mail from Roger Lau at the campaign says.

“The campaign may be over, but Elizabeth’s real work of helping working families across Massachusetts is just getting started. Senator-elect Elizabeth Warren (doesn’t it sound great to say that?) will be meeting with people all across the Commonwealth in December to have a chance to thank those who supported her election and to open the door for everyone in Massachusetts. Elizabeth knows that we’re in this together — and we’ve got to work together from the beginning. We’ve got to help people get back to work, level the playing field for our small businesses, and help middle class families have a fair shot to get ahead.”





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  1. Great Selections!

    Elizabeth is attracting the very best people! She will be a terrific Senator.

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