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I’ve been reading the thread on a possible open Senate seat. Interesting to read, but is up to us to act. We need to be growing the ranks of the Democratic Party.

I’m focusing here on the December 31 deadline. In a previous post I laid out some other activities. Do something. The worse thing you can do is nothing. Host a potluck. Go to a meeting. Invite folks to attend Elizabeth Warren’s swearing in ceremony in DC or the ceremony at Roxbury Community College. Talk to people.

There is no time like the present to begin. What we can be doing.

If you are not already a Democrat, please consider registering as one NOW. Everyone who is a registered Democrat as of December 31, 2012 is eligible to attend a caucus and run for delegate. I was chatting with my co-editor of the Democratic Dispatch a few days ago. He mentioned that he hadn’t even been a Democrat when he started getting involved with the activities of his local Democratic Committee. He said that it quickly became clear that if one was not a registered Democrat that one would be left behind. There are activities that are restricted to registered Democrats that play a role in the direction of the Party and the nomination of Democratic candidates.

Recruit others to become registered Democrats as of December 31. Do you have a list of people you volunteered with during the 2012 campaign? Invite them to register as Democrats NOW. Not sure if someone is a registered Democrat? Not a problem; call people anyway. Ask them. Invite them to get involved with local Democratic activities. If you need to check on someone’s party’s status it is public record information. It is available from the city or town clerk. Additionally, the Massachusetts Democratic Party has made VoteBuilder available to town and ward committees and Democratic State Committee members.

I can speak from experience as to how effective this is. I spent about an hour so this past Wednesday going through a list of folks from my town who had attended the holiday party at my home. I called most of them who were not already registered Democrats. Everyone who I reached agreed to become a Democrat by the deadline.

Register young people NOW to become registered Democrats. Anyone who is going to be 18 on or before the next election can register to vote NOW, before the December 31 deadline.  This allows many young people who are 17 to be eligible to fully take part in a caucus and the state convention. Many young people took part in the most recent election and are excited to become involved.

Reach out to interested high school aged friends and encourage them to take part in the Democratic Party’s Youth Convention. This is separate from voting Youth Delegates who   are actual registered voters. The party has opened up the Convention to High School Age girls and boys who have the sponsorship of any Democratic State Committee member, DemocraticTown/City Committee member or Democratic elected official.

Do something. NOW! When I was making my calls the other day I was at the Massachusetts Democratic Party office. One of the people in the office said to me, “Hey, Kate. You never take time off, do you?”

“No, never”, I replied.

“No,” he said. “Because when we take time off, we lose.”

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  1. Change back to filling the seat until the next regular election

    Switching to a system that requires a special election for an open federal seat was a bad idea, and it still is. The best thing is for the legislature to change back to letting the governor fill the seat until the next regularly scheduled statewide election, in this case in 2014.
    The voters are sick of being bombarded with ads, with being in a perpetual campaign mode, and with being asked for donations. In addition, statewide special elections are expensive — and we have a tight and shrinking budget. After trying the experiment, voters will accept a change back to an interim appointment until a regular election.

  2. Why is it a good thing to register people as Democrats?

    I was at a gathering today and someone asked that question. I didn’t really get a chance to respond as the conversation went in a different direction.
    - Every time you touch a volunteer, you build connections. A conversation helps mutual understanding and allows us to work more effectively with each other.
    - With a likely senate race coming up, the caucuses will be an opportunity for people to gather and, in some cases I expect, hear from potential senate candidates and potential statewide candidates.
    - Getting people to attend their caucus and potentially the convention is a great way to give people the opportunity to become more involved.
    - It’s about reaching out, giving people opportunities and the chance to interact.
    I have been saying that everyone who I have reached out to has agreed to become a Democrat. When I returned from the aforementioned gathering, I had an e-mail message with a “no.” But the person went on to say, “I do however like to keep in touch with the people in the party and enjoy going to the Westborough meetings and other events.”

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