Guns that you can legally buy online…

In most states you can legally buy guns online without a background check, and online transactions account for forty per cent of US gun sails.

Here’s what you can get for that hunter friend that likes Bambi puree, and wants to bring that sucker down from the comfort of their home.

From the National Journal – the captions are theirs:

 Barrett M82 50-Caliber Sniper Rifle


An NBC News undercover investigation into legal online gun sales conducted a transaction for this 50-caliber sniper rifle, calling it  “the most powerful gun legally sold in the U.S.: bullet range 5 miles. It can pierce armored vehicles, even bring down a helicopter.”

The NRA claims 50-caliber sniper rifles have not been used in crimes, but the Violence Policy Center, a nonprofit working to reduce gun violence, refutes that assertion with a long list of criminal activities in which the 50-caliber sniper rifle was the weapon of choice.


 M134 General Electric Minigun

The minigun is one of the most dangerous weapons ever designed, with the capacity to fire up to 166 bullets per second. Amazingly, it is currently legal in the U.S. to own this military-grade machine gun because the Firearm Owners Protection Act of 1986 stated that any fully automatic weapon constructed before that year was legal to own.


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  1. Online sales should be outlawed - period.

    You should have to present yourself personally to buy a weapon, show ID (preferably a license to carry), and have your background checked. Certainly those who want people to show ID to vote can understand this. After all, casting a fraudulent vote never killed anybody.

  2. Combat weapons like these should be ILLEGAL

    These weapons, together with the Bushmaster .223 — one of the weapons used in Sandy Hook, and also the weapon of choice for the Washington DC sniper ten years ago — should simply be illegal to manufacture, sell, possess, and own by individuals.

    I don’t believe that individuals are free to manufacture, sell, and buy tanks, fighter jets, and chemical weapons. The same should be true for these.

    It should be similarly illegal to manufacture, sell, own, or possess a clip or magazine holding more than ten rounds. Period.

    There is no justification — not “slippery slope”, not “self defense”, not “freedom” — NO justification for allowing these machines of murder to be circulated. Period.

  3. Google "Bushmaster .223"

    The first link is to news about the Newtown horror.

    The second is to a web site where you can order one online.

    Go ahead, google it.

    Is this a ___________ country, or what?

  4. Omnibus Bill

    I have already signed online petitions on and Feinstein and lautenbetgs sites letting them know I back their proposals. Ban assault weapons, online sales, gun show sales, one gun a month, two people to vouch for a gun purchaser, longer time to get license and mental health as well as criminal checks to get a liscense, someone refuses a background check they get reported to police. Any others?

    I’d propose combining all of these ideas into one bill the President and Vice President personally sponsor with Senate Majority Leader and House Minority Leader (and any Repubs we can get) titled Stop Terrorists from Obtaining Guns or STOP Act. Get it done. Have Bloomberg put his fat wallet where his mouth is and personally bank roll ads against any candidate refusing to vote for this as someone who is voting to allow terrorists to get guns. Let’s treat this as the law and order and national security issue it is. Anyone who votes against this votes against freedom and for the terrorists. Period. Let’s get aggressive and win this.

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