Kerry it is (for Sec’y of State), says NYT

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Not that anyone will be surprised, but a New York Times alert says it’s official:

President Obama plans to nominate Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts as secretary of state, a senior administration official said, succeeding Hillary Rodham Clinton and putting in place the first member of his second-term national security team.

Can’t say I’m ready for yet another election for U.S. Senator, but looks likes that’s what’s heading our way.

I’m rooting for Markey to run for the seat. He’s got gravitas, proven record of constituent services, deep knowledge of how Washington works and he sure was there for Elizabeth Warren’s campaign.



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  1. all official now

    No link – just check your favorite news source.

    How long until the first candidate announces?

  2. Senator Downing


  3. When is

    Marisa DeFranco going to announce?

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