Lets get aggressive on guns

Or, phrased another way, let's stop NRA enablers of the mass murder of children. - promoted by Bob_Neer

I’ve mentioned this elsewhere on related threads, but I think it is important enough as a stand alone point that I want to make clear and know progressives are with me on.

We have an obligation to stop being delicate, and sensitive, and look for compromise. Democrats love governing and that is always our first priority and in doing so we lose a lot of ground to those forces that are against rational government. The NRA is one of those forces.

I want progressives, maybe with the help of pro-gun control centrists and independents like Bloomberg, to organize and go after the gun lobby and BURY IT. Let us stop calling mass shooters loners, psychopaths, or criminals. They are not Mike Myers from Halloween or Jason or Freddy. They are not criminals like Al Capone. They are terrorists like Osama bin Laden and its time we start calling them that. Maybe the media will follow. Anyone who kills a large number of civilians on purpose is doing so to inspire terror. My fiancees little sister, a senior in high school, is terrified to go to school. How many other children younger than her must now face that same worry?

The terrorism analogy is exactly apt and will help the average voter wrap their heads around this question. Why is it easier to buy a gun than it is to get sudafed at a pharmacy? Why is it easier to buy a gun than it is to get a license? Why is it easier for a former felon to get a gun than it is for him to vote? Why is it against the law for me to bring oversized shampoo on a plane but in 38 states I can carry a gun on me at all times? These are the questions we have to ask. Lets approach Sandy Hook as the latest in a string of mass casualty events that are as bad as 9/11 and let us call those responsible terrorists and call those forces like the NRA that are against government action the terrorist enablers that they are.

It sucked to be an anti-war progressive when Dubya said you are with us or with the terrorists, but you know what, it worked as at tactic. Let us use the same tactic-you are either with the majority of Americans on sensible gun control or you are with the terrorists. Thats the way Im framing it going forward and everyone who wants better gun control should follow suit.

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  1. At very least start with the low-hanging fruit.

    Bob posted a link to a set of Daily Kos polls which I can’t find now indicating overwhelming support for certain basic gun reform measures, including comfortable majorities in many cases from gun owners and Republicans. I’ve said before that both politically and on the merits the two biggest no-brainers are closing the gun show loophole and banning assault weapons, and yes, I would include banning possession after a certain date.

  2. Found the poll..

    …via Daily Kos. Polling suggests the following should be relatively easy politically:

    Background checks for all purchases
    Mental health examiniations
    Banning assault weapons
    Banning internet gun and ammo sales
    Closing the gun show loophole
    Banning purchase by convicted violent felons
    Banning high-capacity (10+ rounds) magazines

    The numbers are there; the trick is to compete with the intensity of feeling that the NRA has demonstrated.

  3. Then move to the states

    Once we’ve established that certain items shouldn’t be available at all, I think it makes the most sense for states to take it from there regarding a “well-regulated militia”. I’ve thought for a long time that guns should be treated like cars in that we register the machines and license the operators. The states handle this for cars though I think federal incentives regarding crime prevention funding could be established. As a Facebook post I saw today says, my support for reasonable traffic regulations and auto safety standards does not make me anti-car nor will it lead to a call to ban all cars, though stomv might disagree (kidding!)

    • Agreed

      Let us start with the low hanging fruit as you suggest and move forward from there on a state by state level. I will be quite proud if Illinois and Massachusetts had the tightest regulations. I am fine with “leaving it to the states” if the baseline is something sensible-the ones you suggested like magazine limits, assault weapons ban, gun shiw loopholes being eliminated, federal background check for any purpose, mental exam, and a course like a driving course to get the license. But the days of Indiana or New Hampshire supplying blue state criminals and terrorists with guns should be ended.

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