Mass Inspector General J. Edgar Cunha: We Got Ourselves A Madman Here?

I don't know a thing about Mr. Cunha, but it strikes me as blindingly obvious that giving the IG's office the power to subpoena and question anyone it wants under oath with no oversight is not appropriate for informal sessions. - promoted by david

So this new ignorant, clueless, narcissistic, guns a blazin’, Massachusetts Inspector General Glenn A. Cunha is asking  for an amendment in the supplemental budget giving him subpoena powers?

What? That can’t be right.  But oh it is my friends.

Quick reminder on legislative procedure. The legislature is out of session until next year. There are no more hearings, no more anything. Anything brought before the House can be stopped by one vote.

Things do get done. Less important things like a bridge naming.

Supplemental budgets also must get done. They’re always needed to keep things going until new legislature get down to business the first of the year. Because one vote can stop it from going forward they are usually benign and done with consent of Republicans. These are “informal sessions” as opposed to “formal sessions”.

You see? J. Edgar Cunha, the head of the agency that is tasked with shining light on government is playing cutezie the tenth degree. Sneak in a budget amendment giving him the most powerful legal tool available.

One given only after thoughtful deliberations and debate. After decision makers (reps, seantors, and governor) are given an opportunity to digest the relevant information after it is collected and public hearings are held.

Yet this door knob named Cunha thinks he can scare our elected officials into blindly submitting to his wishes because of what? Howie Carr? The Globe? I don’t know.

But really, this guy needs to be sent packing.

I’m keeping my eye on you Inspector General Cunha


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  1. So long as he doesn't have the power to torture or indefinitely detain.

    What have we humble civilians to fear from somebody whose job it is to police government agencies?

  2. Who put it there?

    Mr. Cunha used to be a member of the School Board, and now he’s IG. He ain’t no legislator.

    Who put these IG supahpowers into the bill in the first place? It wasn’t Mr. Cunha.

    • Not attached yet

      Far as I can tell the House Ways & Means committee has not acted on the supp budget yet. The amendment isn’t attached to the supp, yet at least. Cunha just wants it to be.

      • Well good, then.

        Lots of folks ask for lots of things. The legislature, in its infinite wisdom, rarely acts on those things. It seems likely that Mr. Cunha’s request will be yet another one of those things.

        This is the kind of thing on which the fourth estate ought to be pouncing. It’s a few days worth of stories anyway.

  3. What if?

    What if the power to subpoena is not all a “free for all”, but is restricted to documentation and emails related to the government office being reviewed.

    For example, there was the email at Boston City Hall issue a few years ago, should the only person capable of being able to subpoena someone from Boston City Hall is the Attorney General and NO ONE else. When I was in the military, we would often have to submit to Inspector General Inspections, which could mean following trails anywhere and everywhere they might lead.

    I would suspect that an Inspector General investigating the goings on within the State House would need some authority to pursue issues without making every little discrepancy a criminal case/lawsuit unto itself.

    But that is just my opinion. I expect open and transparent government. And I think having state department undergo an audit at regular intervals is not expecting too much.

  4. I smell a rat...

    So this new ignorant, clueless, narcissistic, guns a blazin’, Massachusetts Inspector General Glenn A. Cunha is asking for an amendment in the supplemental budget giving him subpoena powers?

    Two salient facts are, conspicuously, not in attendance here:

    1) the powers the state IG is asking for have been the subject of debate since…oh… at least 1984 and they are, broadly speaking, an effective way of doing his/her job. That the IG has not been given these powers for lo these many years gives one cause to wonder.

    And B) the rank criminality of the Massachusetts legislature in the last decade and a half has largely gone unpunished, indeed, mostly un-inspected and has culminated in three successive House Speakers indicted, and the most recent stewing, at this moment, in a federal pen, as well as egregiously toothless ‘ethics reform’ in 2009 and little else. Again… the head is scratched in wonderment: perhaps the DiMasi-Cognos dalliance would have been averted if the IG had more teeth?

    On wonders if the CommonWealths’ IG is merely trying to get the tools to do his job.

    Instead, we’re all set to enact high-dudgeon, EBIII style, over a purported power grab, the result of which might be to reduce the power of all those hacks that EBIII is constantly telling us are bout to be indicted… Gee… I knew EBIII was fickle but I didn’t know he was Rmoney.

    Now I’m altogether willingly inclined to the notion, put forth herein by EBIII, that the Inspector General of the Commonwealth is making a power grab. Could be. Could be. I’m not discounting this… But I’m equally unwilling to discount the notion that the Inspector General is simply trying to do his job and has to make an end-run around the legislature because they are a craven horde of slimy, criminally inclined, ne’er-do-wells of uncommon fecklessness and limited intelligence who’ll never in a million years willingly give this power to the IG simply because they know what he’ll do with it.

    So, I’m altogether in favor of the IG having these powers and, more to the point, using them to cast a scrutiny or two of the most intense kind at those who’ve so far ‘scaped whipping

    • Especially since he took office August 6, 2012

      It could be that this was introduced in the fall, because well, he started his job in the fall.

      • No Excuse

        If you start a new school in the middle of the year tough shit for you if you have to wait until fall to play football.
        What, the world suppose to run on J. Edgar Cunha’s calendar?

        eb3-fka-ernie-boch-iii   @   Tue 4 Dec 2:42 PM
        • Of Course

          Since he started his job in the Fall, he should have asked for this last spring. How dare he fail to use his ESP to know in nearly 6 months in advance what he would need. I he cannot read the future, like McCain on Benghazi, then he should be hung from the highest yardarm.

          What does this Madman think he is, a simple “Human Being”?

    • It’s not the law he wants. It’s how he wants it given to him.

      And it’s not about prior debates. It’s about present legislature and governor. Time is a dimension too.
      As for

      “end-run around the legislature because they are a craven horde of slimy, criminally inclined, ne’er-do-wells of uncommon fecklessness and limited intelligence who’ll never in a million years willingly give this power to the IG simply because they know what he’ll do with it.

      I’m speechless. Do you pray to St. Genn Cunha?

      eb3-fka-ernie-boch-iii   @   Tue 4 Dec 2:47 PM
    • Dear (mostly) benevolent BMG overlords....

      I have no problem with any edit to comments. It’s your gig, after all, and if you want to shape comments to conform to community standards or, indeed, for any other reason, that’s your call.

      However, label your efforts as such: please, don’t just snip and run… A simple italicized ‘this post edited for whatever reason’ or somesuch would suffice. Thanks.

      • What do you mean?

        I don’t think anyone edited any comments on this thread.

        • I did.

          I removed a couple of gratuitous insults from petr’s and EB3′s comments. Didn’t alter the substance of either comment; just made for a more pleasant reading environment for all.

          • I Honestly Forgot What I Said

            I think I used the word moron. Should of used maroon.
            I think I had some other zingers that could have caused some tears and anxiety for those with abnormally thin red cell.

            Sorry. It will happen again.

            eb3-fka-ernie-boch-iii   @   Wed 5 Dec 2:04 PM
          • Yikes. Why even get into that?

            Don’t you have enough to do without playing hall monitor or whatever, David? We’re all adults here, pretty much.

  5. Questions about the supplemental budget . . .

    1. How many amendments have actually been attached to the supplemental budget? What are they?
    2. Are they all innocuous?
    3. Has this amendment from the IG actually been attached to the supplemental budget, or is Suffolk-Democrat right?
    4. Has some law been broken here, or is it just bad form, like personal attacks from behind the mask of anonymity?

    • Bob, Bob, Bob, You Again?

      Doesn’t matter what steps J. Edgar Cuhna has taken to have an amendment attached to the supplemental budget so it can become law with no hearings and no vote which would give him the power to sole determine who he wants to legally drag into his little office hidden inside some state building and be forced to answer under oath questions he decides to ask.

      J. Edgar Cunha wants this power, historically handed out in a very stingy manner, now. Immediately. He can’t wait for the new legislature convening January 1st and the opportunity to vet what he want.

      The fact that he wants this and has said so is the scary part. He talks as if the Japanese just bombed Pearl Harbor and he needs war power authority ASAP.

      Calm down J. Edgar.

      I thought you were a lawyer Bob? If you are, well ouch!
      Subpoena power handed over to a single bureaucrat buried in state government without going through the proper legislative process?

      WTF/ Are you looking for a job in the IG’s office Bob?
      Thank god for attacks behind the face of anonymity.

      Carry on Bob.

      Calm down there, J. Edagar.

      eb3-fka-ernie-boch-iii   @   Wed 5 Dec 2:19 PM
  6. So, out of the 4 questions I asked , EB3, you answered . . .

    . . . Zero.
    Instead, you suggest that I’m a lawyer (I’m not) and I may be looking for a job in the IG’s office (I’m not). And you repeat my name six times in your post.
    I’m Bob Gardner. I’m a retired postal worker and I live in Randolph.
    That’s who I am EB3–who are you?
    Can you answer any of my four questions?

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