Meanwhile, back at the interim senator thing…

Some interesting names came forward in recent discussions here.

Head and shoulders above all: Barney Frank.

We know where he stands, he knows the ropes, he won’t run in the general.

And he certainly won’t be the wallflower Paul Kirk was.


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  1. Wallflower

    That’s what to expect.

    Paul Kirk is exactly the model for this sort of appointment. A reliable vote who won’t rock the boat.

    I think Frank would be great for many reasons. I just don’t expect that to happen.

  2. A wall flower is about as good as we can get

    for a 6th month appointment. We’re not going to get anyone who’s going to change the Senate culture or push through some amazing piece of legislation…. but we can get someone who will vote the right way and make sure the staff keeps answering the phone.

    Frank would be great at that, and could perhaps give us a couple laughs at various points either on interviews or perhaps even the Senate floor.

    RyansTake   @   Fri 28 Dec 2:59 PM

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