Newtown, Newton, Anytown

MarketWatch gets its New England towns mixed up:


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  1. Eek! That's my town.

    This kind of massacre would have a huge impact on me, emotionally, no matter where it happened. But I must admit it does hit home that little bit more when it’s in the neighboring state in a town that sounds so much like where I live.

    I drive 84 to NY/NJ often enough and I’ve often stopped for gas and a bathroom break at the station near Exit 8 in Newtown. A friend of mine lives in the next town over too. Of course I know some people here have much closer connections to the community than that.

  2. I've got it worse.

    I grew up in Brookfield, CT. Adjacent to Newtown, CT.
    I live in Brookline, MA. Adjacent to Newton, MA.

    And yes, classmates of mine growing up had kids in the Sandy Hook school on Friday.

    • Wow

      How are people holding up? I imagine it’s a huge shock. We know these things can happen but it’s such a big country that you don’t expect it to happen in your town.

      • I really don't know

        I’ve had a few conversations with a few folks, but its really hard to know unless you’re there. I’m not.

        People are angry. And terrified. And frustrated. And sorrowful. And angry again.

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