Question: Who Were/Are The FBI/Federal Handlers/Managers for Kevin Cullen, Dick Lehr, Gerard O’Neill, Shelley Murphy, Howie Carr, Boston Globe Editors, and Many Others? David Boeri and DEA Agent Steven Boeri, Huh?

C’mon, you don’t think these trusted sources our local journalists developed through their “street smarts” weren’t actually controlling the media with certain inside info, documents, and spin?

Really, you don’t believe that every time an agent and reporter got/get together for a mutual stroke fest the agent didn’t/doesn’t file a report with the home office “detailing” the meeting?

And you really couldn’t believe that every time a¬†government controlled propaganda newspaper story unwittingly written by the self-absorbed reporter is published a newspaper clipping of the story wasn’t sent to update the file?

How else does a federal agent let the bosses know he is doing a good job?

It’s even better for long time Bulger reporter David Boeri. His brother Steven is a DEA agent who was assigned to help plant bugs on the white man’s American made car back in the day.

Boeri’s brother was among a few involved that Bulger made to look the fools when the bug was found before it ever rolled.

Yeah, this is the guy our local public radio station assigns to do in-depth coverage of the hurry-up-and-get-it-done-and-protect-the-cover-up trial against a man who hurt his brother. The one that opened his question at the Whitey capture press conference saluting the feds with a “congratulations”.

What do you think of all this Dan Kennedy?

Man, when the real stories start coming out, and they will, the Globe will claim they were the victims. They were duped by the feds.

Screw them.

Meanwhile John Connolly sits in a prison in Florida hoping for the best well sons still grow-up without a father ever around.

(a fork between the eyes for anyone who comes back with the names of the 18 so-called murder victims whose kids lost a dad)

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  1. There's a reason they're known as "presstitutes."

    What passes for law enforcement has known for years that the way to look good is to buy the press. (It’s easier than being effective.) A good dinner will do, the promise of stories to come, maybe just a press release before the other presstitutes get it.

    The agency reaps the benefit. It isn’t about law, nor justice. It’s about getting a good budget. Every government agency becomes a Ministry of Propaganda. You gotta show how effective you are and the need to send more tax dollars to your agency.

    Why else would they capture an octogenarian that could have spent his remaining years in a California hoosegow for crimes there and transport him across the country to idle for a few years, all a great expense, before a trial may be held? Show business. The press is like monkeys chasing the banana.

    “The most important service rendered by the press and the magazines is that of educating people to approach printed matter with distrust.” –Samuel Butler

  2. What the problem?

    Couldn’t you find a way to slander Roger Berkowitz and Legal Sea Food at the same time?
    What about the steamy underbelly connection between the Andelman Family/Phantom Gourmet and the Kowloon Restaurant?
    Your net you keep casting is beyond ridiculously wide and is just begging for a parody.

  3. "so- called ...

    ..murder victims?”
    It takes a special kind of gutlessness to smear murder victims while hiding under a phony name.

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