Reminiscing About Congressman Ed Markey Explains One Reason Why Imprisoned F.B.I. Agent John Connolly Is Fed’s Fall Guy. Wait, What?

Now that Ed Markey’s name is being splashed around regarding something meaningful (unless knowing you can call him when ESPN2 is broadcasting ESPNU or some other outrage committed by your cable company is meaningful) ¬†I started to recall his first election to Congress in 1976.

While thinking through the cast of characters that were in that race I had a eureka moment. It hit me. A revelation.

An explanation more like it. One that explained the easy sell of John Connolly as the fed’s fall guy for others’ misdeeds.

First Markey.

In the spring 1976 Congressman Torbert Macdonald, J.F.K.s Harvard roommate and the pride of Malden, dropped dead right before the nomination papers were due for September’s primary. Republican candidates were non-existnet at the time and it was accepted that who ever won the primary was the next congressman.

So out they all came. Every north shore state rep. senator, mayor, and ex-athlete. Also in the race was Macdonald’s top district aide, a guy by the name of Joe Croaken.

Let’s see, we had Kathy Reinstein’s late father Billy in the race, the legendary former mayor of Revere and state rep. Also had a ¬†Lopresti originally from East Boston but living in Winthrop I think. his family owned the concession franchise at Logan Airport and his brother and father were senators. He later became a senator too)

Also had Rep. Bill Hogan and Mayor McCarthy from Everett, a Donovan from Chelsea, and McGrail from Wakefield. And lets not forget the legendary Everett High and Harvard Football great Bobby Leo. He also threw his hat in the ring.

There were more of course and I am straining to remember. There were some Medford candidates, but no McGlynns.

Anyway Markey was in it too. He had two things that separated him from the pack. He was pro-abortion and he had the greatest tv ad in the history of MA politics. I’m sure you’ve all heard it told before, “They can tell me where to sit, but they can’t tell me where to stand” commercial.

Look it up.

Sooo here’s where I started to see the John Connolly connection.

If we could find a photo of these candidates at a debate or something I think it would explain alot.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, it is a south shore north shore thing.

Look at the names I mentioned. Two Italians and the rest mostly Irish, except Reinstein. BTW, just like O.J. Simpson people, Reinstein was not a Jew. German or something. But who cared, the guy was all Revere.

Okay, Okay, my point.

The north shore people can be more guinea than you average Italian any day of the week.

The south shore people have no clue about Italians. Fucking South Boston only had the now closed I.A. (Italian American Club, although a restaurant, not a club) where you could get half decent pizza.

North shore habitants? They think everyone lives among the Italians. Let me tell you something there are more guys cruising up and down Route 1 with Irish surnames dressed and coiffed just like John Connolly.

Yup, this college educated South Bostonian took a ride through the tunnel for the first time and never looked back.

He was like the high school kid that never partied but when he got to college he suffered alcohol poisoning the first week.

First off the food. North shore cooking always blew the south shore away. Some of the best Italian cooks today are Irish Catholic girls from Saugus with attitudes that would put Schnookie to shame.

And the clothes. The hugs.

Hey, always time to stop in the lounge for a cocktail at Joe Caruso’s.

Sooo, when the feds needed to sacrifice one of their own to protect the herd Johnny Canoli came easy.

I mean look at the guy.

He could have run for Congress in the 7th Congressional District in 1976 for crissake. It’s hard not to believe he’s mobbed up.

It’s all about perspective my friends.

Think about it, there are people with tattoos on their arms and necks saying “John Connolly has to be guilty, I mean look at him.”



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  1. Correction, Ernie....Markey was pro-LIFER not pro-choice

    Think you had a typo…Markey was the ONLY pro-LIFE (not “pro-abortion”) candidate in his first run…that was key to getting his 21% in a very crowded field…there were pockets of zealous pro-lifers in certain parishes in the district who pushed openly for Markey…thus his 21% while the others had to share the pro-choice votes. Markey flipped his position when he wanted to run for US Senate before and knew how to read a poll…then he withdrew from that race fearing a loss of the only job he ever had…he only won reelection in that primary by about 500 votes…

    • Sorry hl, But You are Pretty Wrong on This

      Markey was the only liberal candidate in field of a dozen or more candidates.

      Barney Frank brought his forces into the race to get it down.

      Every liberal in the legislature openly supported even though they had colleagues in the race.

      This was an off-shoot of the highly organized Dukakis 1974 win. The birth of a new generation of solid grassroots campaigning in MA.

      Now there were nuance such as only in case of mother’s health etc.

      The liberal difference, Malden base, and the TV ad were all enough to give him the slight margin to pull of the win.

      To say the Markey was the “ONLY pro-LIFE” is wrong on two fronts.
      He shaped his abortion stance to satisfy the liberal Dems. And ss for the others I suggest you ask Rep. Reinstein what her father was telling the nice people of Revere his abortion stance was in 1976.

      eb3-fka-ernie-boch-iii   @   Wed 19 Dec 1:59 PM
      • Memory does not fail me...

        I may be wrong on Reinstein, but I am sure about Markey…had an aunt at St Charles in Woburn who was leading the Markey charge…the ONLY issue she cared about was pro-life. She never got involved in politics until Markey ran because he was pro-life. I remember that race very well.

        The year Markey got frightened out of the Senate race and jumped back into his Congressional fight, he faced State Senator Sam Rotondi. Markey had flip-flopped on the issue to run for Senate. Rotondi had carried the pro-choice flag in the Senate which his local parish made him pay a price for but he never wavered…so everyone was surprised when several women’s groups endorsed Markey over the guy who had carried their flag for years…the groups explained that they “wanted to reward him for changing his stance and joining the pro-choice ranks”…which was so galling that it leaves an indelible memory.

        • Sorry hl but aunts don't count and....

          The Rotondi race was 84, the congressional race was 76.
          The old aunt in Woburn means nothing.

          Reinstein was not the only one, I was using him as an example. Same was true for McCarthy and Hogan, both staples in Everett, Donovan in Chelsea, Croaken (who came in second) and of course LoPresti. These were old school conservative dems, like most of the voters.
          They all split.

          Markey was/is a cute bastard. He had support from Catholics in his base.
          But as we all know Markey. I’m sure he was talking both sides of his mouth.
          But he was the only liberal in the race and Barney Frank, Elaine Noble, and Dukakis organizers were working to get him elected. The conservative Dems were all over the place.

          Trust me hl, slime ball eddie told Barney and the libs what they wanted to hear and that was pro choice all the way.

          eb3-fka-ernie-boch-iii   @   Thu 20 Dec 9:28 PM
        • Fascinating trip down memory lane

          I’m impressed! I can’t remember what I did last week!
          It is not surprising that our two esteemed contributors have opposite memories of the same event. It was 1976!!
          What counts is that today (2012) Markey has a 100% rating from NARAL.

  2. Incoherent

    Can someone please translate this post into English? No, on second thought, don’t bother.

    Kids, let this be a lesson to you. Don’t drink and blog.

    • Questions for the Daves

      How many Daves are in the group?
      Do all the Daves agrees?
      Is it by unanimous vote, super majority, or majority vote?
      Are Davies and Davids allowed in the the group?
      And finally,
      which part of the blog do the daves need a translation?

      eb3-fka-ernie-boch-iii   @   Wed 19 Dec 10:31 PM
    • Let me help...

      The Irish of the North Shore are, for some reason, more Italian than the Italians. So when a real (South Boston) Irishman went Italian, the Irish boys in the FBI hung him out to dry. And by putting Markey in headline, more people will read the post.

      What is it that you don’t understand?

      • You da man Pogo except...

        Has nothing to do with the Irish boys in the FBI.
        Nothing at all.

        The Irish v Italian thing is a myth if anything.
        Because to Joe blow from Nebraska John Connolly dressed and looked like a wise guy selling his rogue image to public was easy.

        Central casting could not have sent them a better fall guy.
        And yes ladies and gentlemen fall guys do exist.
        They came third after the first two professions: prostitute, wiseguy, than fall guy.

        So Connolly is like the poor black guy that gets beat up by an abusive cop. The cop only does it against people that a naive and partially blind society allow.

        eb3-fka-ernie-boch-iii   @   Thu 20 Dec 9:36 PM
  3. hlpeary is right on abortion

    Per the Crimson:

    Because these two well-known politicians with bona fide liberal credentials supported him, Markey soon became known as the liberal who had an outside chance of winning. But on two issues his liberal support nearly fell apart. Markey supports a constitutional amendment to prohibit abortion, and opposes busing to achieve racial integration in public schools. He says his abortion position is a matter of conscience, because he thinks abortion is wrong. His busing position is based on his belief that busing doesn’t improve the quality of education. Instead, Markey advocates increased funding of inner-city schools and non-discriminatory hiring and assignment policies on the part of local school committees. The abortion and busing issues are volatile in parts of the Seventh District, and Markey’s stands on these issues probably lost him few votes.

    • Markey had the wink wink nod nod going with the libs

      that crimson story misses a lot.

      Sure he supported the amendment at the time. But he told the libs what they wanted to hear to get their support and workers without publicly changing his position and not bringing attention to it. Except to his aunt and the brothers at malden catholic.
      But just like Obama works with gay organizations while not having the most liberal public stand on gay marriage.
      You know what I mean jelly bean?

      My goodness, getting your information on a congressional race involving Revere Winthrop and Everett from the Harvard Crimson?
      My goodness man, haven’t i taught you anything?

      eb3-fka-ernie-boch-iii   @   Thu 20 Dec 9:57 PM
  4. Regarding the Markey Rotondi Race HL...

    It was close because Rotondi was coming off an unsuccessful Lt. Gov. race in 1982 and many didn’t like Markey. Many more got pisses at him because of his last minute pull out of the Senate run. That caused many to stop running for Markey’s thought to be vacant congressional seat.
    Markey pulled out on the last day or the second tom last day of signature filing so many were caught short.
    Also most of the people in the race when Markey first ran didn’t like him.
    Sort of an “anyone but Markey” consensus.
    So during the Rotondi campaign people knew that Markey was playing cute with certain constituencies (like his aunt) regarding abortion and the issue was forced.
    Markey had to confess to his aunt and all the other old ladies what he had been telling Barney Frank and Bill Baird all along.
    That’s how it happened HL

    eb3-fka-ernie-boch-iii   @   Thu 20 Dec 9:50 PM
    • eb3 - What is Sam Rotondi doing these days?

      Was his father Eugene “Gene” really in the mafia? Is it true about the 1950-1970′s Italian-family owned construction companies burying bodies in concrete or is that just in the movies? Joe-Joe was the hottie of the sons, and drove a fabulous black GTO…….they were all good lookers. Sort of the Woburn-Stoneham-Winchester version of the Kennedy clan. To pick up on the Irish-Italian theme – it was believed that they were such a good looking family because of the mother was Irish, EB Rotondi, Sr. was of course, Italian-American. So, maybe pogo really did nail it.

      Did you know that Rotondi construction garage was plastered with pictures of naked women on calendars and playing cards?

      • Last I Knew Sam Rotondi....

        had a nice collection law practice going. He had a niche collecting on medical bills I think.
        Last I heard.

        eb3-fka-ernie-boch-iii   @   Thu 20 Dec 10:58 PM

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