Right Wing Sports Talk Loses Ratings War

This is not a small thing: it a huge thing, and cuts to the heart of an vicious element in MA politics. WEEI's kid-hating racist radio is a blight: "Callahan: "They caught him at a bus stop, right -- he was like waiting to catch a bus out of town." Dennis: "Yeah, yeah -- he's a METCO gorilla." Callahan: "Heading out to Lexington." Dennis: "Exactly." - promoted by Bob_Neer

Ok in the scheme of all things political this is a minor story but one that brings me great satisfaction. I enjoy sports talk radio, I share Red Sox pseason tickets with a pair of friends but the morning drive time sports talk show hosted by Dennis and Callahan has been a source of great irritation for me. Wanting sports new and good back and forth on last nights game, what you usually get from these two is right wing politics with a couple of scores thrown in. Their smug references attacking any progressive elected offical and ridiculing any idea that didn’t generate from the Tea Party types seemed to play to a base audience and they had the ratings to sustain this nonsense. Until now:

WEEI fell into a tie for seventh place with WBUR with a 4.9 share among the men 25-54 demographic.

In morning drive (6 a.m.-10 a.m), The Sports Hub’s “Toucher and Rich” program was first with a 9.1. WEEI’s Dennis and Callahan was sixth with a 5.7.

Hate sports radio is finally falling out of ratings favor – and long overdue.

It’s a small thing but it made my day. Seeing these clowns canceled for poor ratings will be icing on a November 6th victory cake.


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  1. http://mobile.boston.com/art/35/sports/touching_all_the_bases/2012/12/sports_hub_no_1_in_fall_rating


  2. good

    While not as rude or rabid as “the big show” maybe these guys can learn that alienating a big chunk of their potential audience is not smart. I think they’re more knowledgeable than the former “rock jocks” on 98.5 but the whiny victimization politics make them unlistenable to me too.

    sabutai   @   Fri 28 Dec 2:27 AM
  3. Still on NESN

    I can’t believe these haters and shouters are still on the Red Sox owned network every morning. I refuse to watch this hatred and am stunned that the Red Sox want these two to represent their brand on their own station.

  4. d & c have toned down the politics recently

    I have listened off and on for years and they have definitely toned down the political content in the last couple of years The underlying attitudes still are visible occasionally but it is not in your face every day. I guess that has not helped with their ratings so perhaps they will be back at mocking all Democrats as effete and silly if we have another election featuring their buddy Scott Brown.

  5. Caveat?

    This is the first book that does not include 850 AM for WEEI.

    Is that part of the reason for the precipitous drop in ratings? I know that the Sports Hub and WEEI have been going back and forth in the ratings over the past two years, but that’s a pretty big drop. I’d have to think that at least some of the difference is people who are still listening to 850 AM who aren’t being accounted for.

    In any event, the Sports Hub is much better than WEEI. Steak and Eggs!!!

    • ESPN Radio programming now on 850

      Don’t get local flavor, but at least it lets me get some sports talk on the drive to work without having to listen to those two Howie Carr wannabe’s over on 93.7. I don’t care if D&C have toned it down. I promised myself years ago I’d never listen to them again.

    • If you DO go to the old WEEI, you get ESPN sports…which is, believe it or not, a sports talk show! I can see why reasonable folks would stick with 850 AM and not follow the troglodytes to the FM dial.

  6. I tried to listen

    to WEEI during baseball season. I can’t say I listen to these asshats, but I really don’t like how they talk to each other. Most of what they say isn’t analytical. It’s often misunderstanding what the other guy says and then challenging him on it. It’s like a verbal king of the mountain. Two guys pushing each other with their AM mouths.

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