Massachusetts is a home of innovation however no one told our state legislature or the Governor.

After the Uber saga we have a new one to add to “really” files.

Auto Dealers of Mass are suing Tesla for trying to sell directly. Some how we have a law in Massachusetts the prevents auto companies from selling directly to consumers??

i am sure in the days of horses and buggy whips this made some sense. I am sure Herb Chambers likes having a monopoly on Boston auto business but preventing Tesla from dealing directly with consumers is bad for Tesla, the environment and consumers in Mass.



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  1. If I remember right, most states have similar laws.

    These laws have been around a long time. There was some talk about allowing new car sales on the Internet, but these laws put the kibosh on that plan. Who said this was a free country?

    “Never lend your car to anyone to whom you have given birth.” –Erma Bombeck

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