The Protest Chaplains Occupy Advent in the very “Maw of Mammon”

Yesterday the Protest Chaplains of Occupy Boston celebrated Advent in the Maw of Mammon – more commonly known as Bank of America Headquarters.  I was there, and sang the Hymn Emmanuel, chanted, and called out in prayer for a return to the rule of law, not of men. 

There is terrific coverage of this event at this link, and I hope you check it out.   There is something energizing, healing and glorious about singing hymns in the open air, in public, and calling for the renewal of my country.

Photo courtesy Michael Horan.

I heartily recommend it, and hope that some of you will join in the remaining two Occupy Advent gatherings, also at 100 Federal Street, Boston on 12/12 and 12/17 at 5:30 – 6:00 PM.

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