Warren also named to the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions committee.

That's in addition to Banking, which is now confirmed. Yay. - promoted by david

Nice move Harry, putting her on HELP.

Approved assignments here.

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  1. Agreed

    She will do great things on the HELP committee, as well as Aging.

    Also note that Banking Committee also deals with Housing and Urban issues — which considering the overwhelming and massive vote count in urban Mass for Elizabeth on Nov 6, is great news for all of us who call cities home.

  2. Also of interest: Angus King,

    who ended up with some awesome assignments: Armed Services, Intelligence, Budget, and Rules. And Bernie Sanders was made chair of Veterans’ Affairs. Reid treats his indies well.

  3. Yay!! Great news, thanks for sharing

    I got a fist bump from Senator-elect Warren when I mentioned the banking committee assignment at Kate’s party last Sunday – HELP committee is equally awesome!

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