Warren’s first (?) official-ish act

From the Daily Caller:

Eighteen Democratic U.S. Senators and senators-elect sent a letter to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid last week calling for a “delay in the implementation” of the medical device tax in Obamacare, the Wall Street Journal reports.

The provision was an integral part of the version of the Obamacare law, which was passed in the Senate under Reid’s stewardship in 2009. It is set to take effect on January 1, 2013.

Evidently medical device lobbyists are freaking out.

….The provision has proved to be problematic for Democratic senators from states with large numbers of medical device companies. Indiana Senator-elect Joe Donnelly and Michigan Senator Debbie Stabenow signed the letter alongside the next Massachusetts Senate delegation, Elizabeth Warren and John Kerry, whose state is hometo more than 400 medical device companies.

Boehner pushed for this back in June, per this NYT article. Had the votes in the House.
Seems like he’s got the votes in the Senate, now, too.



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  1. Pander

    We know what this is. She’s not immune, she’s not perfect.


  2. Ho hum

    I agree, SOP.

    But also not: it is precisely this SOP that people studiously ignore when they pretend that the Affordable Care Act isn’t hugely expensive, because it will “save money.”

    Benefits will stay, but the method of paying for them will be chipped away by SOP, leaving yet another hole in the budget, long term.

  3. Where's the line...

    …between pandering and representation? If MA is home to 400 medical devise companies it seems that looking out for them is not completely out of line.

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