White House vows to help keep Kerry’s seat Democratic

According to MaddowBlog, the White House will play a role in helping elect a Democrat to John Kerry’s Senate seat.  They realized too late last time that our nominee was in trouble and don’t want to repeat that mistake.  Since the seat is being vacated due to a presidential appointment I guess we can file under cleaning up “messes” you make.  There are of course comments on the blog about Rachel herself running for Senate, though she has consistently denied interest.

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  1. Where are the nominees already?

    Let the thunderdome begin!

  2. Maybe they don't want to jinx Kerry's confirmation.

    Remember technically there is no campaign season until Kerry resigns.

    In other Senate vacancy news Lt. Gov. Brian Schatz has been appointed to the HI seat of the late Daniel Inouye.

  3. Kerry's gone - let's start running!

    I know for a fact that I am on several hundred email lists of active Democrats in this state, and I have yet to hear from anyone about the upcoming election. Anyone who’s thinking of running should be reaching out to me and people like me – has anyone else heard from any big names?

    We have to beat Brown – maybe we should encourage Dan Winslow to hit the primary?

  4. Hope not...

    Remembering that the White House and beltway “help” to Coakley came so very late and was so ham-fisted and clueless that it did nothing but propel Brown closer to victory, we can only hope (insist) that the beltway geniuses stay away from Massachusetts’ special election. Considering that politics and political organizing is a cottage industry here, we can handle our own. They can help by sending $$ only, keep the advice in DC.

    • Really? You don't think Bill Clinton could help?

      I do. To raise money and to cut through voter fatigue, which will be a serious issue. I also think Obama could help. And he owes us for making us have yet another Senate election.

      I’d hardly blame the White House for Coakley losing.

      • Bill Clinton/Hillary Clinton help...BUT,

        the original post said “White House”…Bill and Hill have not been in the White House for some time so I assumed the post was referring to Obama.

        • The blog post says Obama and Clinton

          I do think Obama can help with fundraising and voter enthusiasm, although some (i.e. me) will no doubt be ticked that he’s caused us yet another campaign so soon after the last one. The last election cost me a not inconsiderable amount of time, money and energy — all things which, Mitt Romney and money issues aside, are not limitless resources. But if anyone can fire up the base these days, it’ll be Bill Clinton.

          If you click through to the post, it talks about “the Democratci establishment” including Bill Clinton and perhaps Hillary, not just “the White House”.

  5. Yes, the title of my post indicated the current administration...

    …but the Clintons these days could justly be seen as the surrogates thereof. I do think all could be very helpful and would more than welcome that.

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