America fortunately going to the dogs

Just a quick note from this pro-America pro-dog blogger to observe that:

1. Anti-dog candidate Mitt Romney, likely an unindicted criminal under Massachusetts humane laws (and pronounced guilty by an Oregon judge) was badly beaten by pro-dog Obama, supported by the “I Ride Inside” movement in memory of Seamus Romney, long a cause celebre on this blog.

2. Defense nominee Chuck Hagel’s candidacy for the Pentagon post was no doubt boosted, and may even have been arranged by his dog Figgie. Wikipedia:

The family has a dog, Figgie, a¬†Portuguese water dog who was trained by¬†Dawn Sylvia-Stasiewicz, who also trained the Obama Family’s dog, Bo, as well as Ted Kennedy’s dogs.

We, the dog owners, the 39 percent.

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  1. Dog news draws concerned readers in my town's

    We get a [town] in many, but not all, towns and cities. We have one here in Tag Town. The horrible news about abuse on a dog reported in our patch drew in more concerned readers than usual. I never owned a pet, but the proprietress of Always Golden Tanning let me have a touch of the dog she keeps as a pet yesterday afternoon. I guess that firearms owners only number less than half of y’all dog owners. I own neither dogs nor weapons, but my sled made me Saint Nicholas in Pinefield this afternoon.

  2. One more time...

    The story of Seamus Romney, in limerick form:

    There once was a candidate named Mitt
    He was quite the notable twit
    His doggie, named Seamus
    Would later be famous
    For covering Mitt’s wagon with shit!

    Now, Seamus Romney could only saay “Woof”
    About Mitt’s cruelty, so callous and aloof
    But if he had speech
    He would surely beseech
    “Hey Dumbass! Luggage goes on the roof!”

    But Mitt’s handlers could only kvetch
    ‘Cuz Mitt’s answers, they looked like a stretch
    Clear-cut doggie neglect?
    What else would you expect?
    When your candidate’s an Etch-A-Sketch!

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