Another special!?!?! Marty Walz to leave post.

Any awesome progressives out there to replace her? - promoted by charley-on-the-mta

According to the Globe, Marty Walz is leaving her seat, including her powerful position as Vice Chair of Ways and Means, to head Planned Parenthood of Massachusetts.

I think she’s a great choice for Planned Parenthood and will strengthen their political operations.  She was my rep for years until my street was redistricted last year – she was always incredibly responsive to me and knew all of her district incredibly well (can’t say the same for my Senator).

I wish her the best.

Any ideas for who might run?  I’m out of the loop on the Back Bay possibilities, and I think it will be tough for a Cambridgeport resident to win the seat.

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Tue 25 Apr 12:56 AM