As you celebrate the second Obama-Biden inaugural…

Well said, John. Congratulations to you, and to all BMGers for the role you played in making today happen. - promoted by david

Today marks the ceremonial beginning of President Obama’s second term. We don’t yet know what he will say, but I’m thinking about an important thing he said four years ago when he reminded us that winning the election did not bring change. Rather, it brought the OPPORTUNITY to work for the change we want. It’s even truer today.

We need to support the President & Vice President as they work to bring changes to the foundations of our long-term fiscal security, gun safety, immigration policy, climate change and so much more. As you celebrate this beginning, be conscious of that explicit commitment you need to make.

It’s a wonderful day.

John Walsh, Chair
Massachusetts Democratic Party

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Wed 29 Mar 1:06 PM