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On the epic list of, “how do you know you’re really from Boston (and you’re probably a baby boomer),” is the recognition and love for Rex Trailer and his beautiful horse, Gold Rush.  It was beyond cool if you were able to get lucky and go to the studios to be on WBZ TV in the kids cowboy parade. Rex Trailer passed on this week

Captain Kangaroo with Mr. Greenjeans and Romper Room (bend and stretch and reach for the sky, stand on tippy toes….oh, oh so high!) were compatriots of captivating television for children in the 60′s and 70′s.   Before Sesame Street or  Arthur there was Rex Trailer’s Boomtown.

Rest in Peace, Cowboy Rex.

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  1. Saturday Morning TV

    Before there were hundreds of channels the only programming for children was Saturday AM. Although we left the Boston media market when I was four years old, I remember Boomtown. We used to get up early on Saturday morning and watch the test pattern until Boomtown came on!

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