Building A Grassroots Movement To Draft State Representative James O’Day For Lt Governor In 2014

There’s so much talk about the potential candidates for Governor, but not so much about the potential candidates for Lieutenant Governor. So far, Democratic National Convention Committee CEO Steve Kerrigan, former Ted Kennedy aide Gerry Cavanaugh, State Representative Hank Naughton, and Salem Mayor Kim Driscoll are all being mentioned as possibilities and each one brings a lot of talent to the table. But I hope the field widens further still, and I hope that State Representative James O’Day (D-West Boylston) will consider throwing his hat in the ring. Since 2007, he has emerged as a vigorous champion of progressive ideals and common-sense. He has been a steadfast advocate of labor, youth, and environmental issues. He would make a great runningmate for any Democratic Gubernatorial Nominee. I urgeĀ  Massachusetts progressives to learn more about Representative O’Day’s record. If you like what you see, and I think you will, please join me in trying to start a grassroots movement to Draft Jim O’Day for Lt Governor. If he sees a groundswell of support developing in favor of his candidacy, perhaps he’ll decide to make a run for statewide office. And that would be a very good thing for the people of Massachusetts.

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  1. How has he championed labor, youth, and enviro issues?

    I’m not disagreeing with you, but I am too lazy to read links without a good reason.

    • Re: How has he championed labor, youth, and enviro issues?

      Thank you, Seamus. Not to get boring and wonky, but here goes: On labor issues his 100% score from the AFL/CIO speaks for itself. On the environment, Rep O’Day has been in the vanguard on issues of sustainability and renewable energy. He has particularly taken an interest in the fight against the Asian Longhorned Beetle, which has been ravaging the state’s urban canopy. With Congressman James McGovern, he personally secured over $1,000,000 in federal aid to further that effort. On the issues of youth, O’Day “has worked with community leaders and organizations in efforts to support issues such as family-and-youth-focused development programs, including job training and summer job opportunities for youth in the city of Worcester; accessible, affordable and quality early and higher education for all; addressing and closing health disparities; comprehensive education in schools, teen pregnancy prevention as well as young-parent support programs.” He also spent many years as a social worker, before entering the Legislature.
      I’ll post more about him soon, and welcome any other inquiries. And here are some more links anyway. Thank you for your interest!

  2. jermicur

    the state representative is fortunate to have such a loyal constituent as yourself. What is your relationship with the representative, full disclosure, please. I have seen the fairly new state rep. vote solidly party line but his professional and political resume are not what I would consider accomplishments that position him for a Constitutional office at this juncture. Please enlighten…..

    • Thank you, heartlanddem. I am not a constituent of Representative O’Day, nor do I have any relationship with him. I live in Essex County, outside of his district. I am a member of the Lynn Democratic City Committee, although I don’t presume to speak for them on this or any other issue. I often get involved in campaigns outside my district. A couple years ago I started a Draft Setti Warren for Senate page on FB, because I admired him. He entered the race, albeit briefly, although I have no idea if it had anything to do with my page. (although I’m quite happy with the Warren we DO have in the Senate today!) I volunteered for Joe Kennedy III etc. It is purely Jim O’Day’s record and character that have made me an admirer.
      I’m not sure what qualifies anyone to seek Constitutional office, I suppose that’s subjective, but in my opinion, the record he has compiled in the Massachusetts House over the past half-decade, makes him the equal to anyone else currently seeking the office of Lt Governor and I he think he’s precisely the sort of citizen who ought to be encouraged to run for statewide office. And that is why I decided, purely of my own volition, to send out a trial balloon to gauge if there would be any potential support for his candidacy. What I’m trying to build is a “draft” movement. I have never consulted with Representative O’Day about it. For all I know, he might not even have any interest in such a campaign, but as I said before, I just wanted to float the idea, simply because I believe in him and the ideas he champions, and I firmly believe that he would make a fantastic Lieutenant Governor!

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