Climate is not partisan

The ice doesn’t care who’s writing really clever op-eds in Forbes or the NYT or ThinkProgress. It’s just melting. The wheat doesn’t care who’s in charge of Congress; it’s just not growing because we’ve got drought.

Kerry Emanuel is a climatologist at MIT, and a Republican. He knows what’s going on, and he’s been trying to tell the GOP to wake up to reality. If we’re honest, we know that Democrats need to hear that message too.

It’s Time to Find Common Ground — Speed-Drawing Video on Bipartisan Solutions to Climate Change – YouTube.


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  1. Democrats must do more--Republican must recognize that we are causing a crisis

    The time is short–we’ve already dumped enough carbon into the atmosphere to cause serious damage and continuing to extract every bit of fossil fuel and burn it will only add to the crisis. At this point, all available trends indicate that we need to begin to take massive actions over the next 8-10 years–that is an incredibly short period of time.

    Lots of Democrats need to take the problem more seriously. It’s just not good enough to see this as an ‘extra’ issue an longer. At the same time, the Republican Party needs to recognize that its embrace of denial and inaction will not only cause immense harm, but will also permanently leave its reputation in disgrace.

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