Former Prosecutor Matt “Christopher Columbus” Connolly Keeps On Destroying the Government’s Credibility in Whitey Bulger Case, Not to Mention Howie Carr’s and Boston Globe’s …P.S. Who’s Carmen Ortiz Kidding?

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I cannot over emphasize the mind blowing work being done by the highly experienced and street savvy former prosecutor Matthew Connolly through his blog, his book about the John Connolly federal trial (no relation) and his upcoming book on the White Man’s trial.

Matt Connolly was a Norfolk County assistant d.a. doing major stuff back when Whitey was “the man”. He worked months on investigations only to be unknowingly thwarted by the F.B.I. Mostly by Whitey and Steve Flemmi’s handler John Connolly. (no relation)

Connolly attended John Connolly’s trial for purposes unrelated to John Connolly’s guilt or innocence. But as each pathetic witness strolled in and spun yarns that were hard to believe Matt Connolly slowly began to, and is still in the process, of an epiphany on everything related to John Connolly, Whitey Bulger, and Bill Bulger.

Get it? Christopher Columbus? He started out looking for one thing and ended up discovering something few believed yet much bigger. That’s good, aye?

Today’s post is a fine example of the work he’s been putting out most days. He easily uses facts to point out the unethical alliance between John Martarano and Howie Carr.

His posts are Woodward and Bernstein stuff that’s sitting out there yet none in the “journalism” profession seem interested.

Fucking amazing!

Anyone who claims to be a Whitey/Boston Mob expert is full of it unless he/she accounts for, agrees with, or provides credible evidence to disagree with the assertions Connolly makes as he refers to documented evidence and credible recollections.

Tomorrow (Monday) Bulger’s lawyers argue to a federal appeals court that Judge Richard Stearns should recuse himself because of his strong professional and personal ties to prospective witnesses.

If this was Roxbury District Court it would be a lay up for the Judge. “Send it to the other session,” is the routine answer for many a conflicts that arise when Judges previously practiced in the same courts and with many os the same people now coming before him.

The feds and the media are methodically and rightfully made out to be fools by an experienced trial attorney most days of the week and there isn’t a damn thing they can do about it.

So my friends, when you read the stories in the newspaper and listen to David “Unbiased” Boeri’s report on the proceedings please do not form an opinion until you read Matt Connolly’s report.

Otherwise it’s like writing about the entire Patriots game having only watched when the offense was on the field.

Don’t be a schmuck! Subscribe to Matt Connolly’s blog.

P.S.  Perhaps Carmen Ortiz sees the cluster fuck that could easily happen in the Bulger case which could come right after the  embarrassing kangaroo court tries to convict Jack O’Brien and the Probation Gang for a criminal enterprise that conspired to commit no crime and receive no personal benefit?

She’s jumped out of a governor’s race pretty early. Now If/when things do explode she won’t be accused of acting political.

If things go smoothly I’m sure we will see her show some interest again.

Cut the crap Carmen, I mean really, don’t shit a shittah!


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  1. There we go!

    Stick to posts like these EB3, these are worth reading and your insights are on the money. The problem with Howie’s book is its half BS about blaming liberal politicos for the Mob and half plaigarized from Black Mass which is the bible of Bulger in my view. Barnicle should’ve got his old friends at the Globe to stick it to Howie for that plaigarism.

    • Black Mass is Off the Mark Too

      Matt Connolly has pointed out many untruths, half-truths, and naive conclusions.
      Connolly mocks one its authors, Dick Lehr, for referring to himself as “Whitey Bulger’s biographer”.

      Lehr and all the others were and still are being bamboozled by the feds. Combination of many things cause it but primarily it’s about self-preservation.

      eb3-fka-ernie-boch-iii   @   Mon 7 Jan 11:33 AM
  2. Seriously EB3, P.S. cluster f***

    EB3, you complain endlessly about the use of “d-bag” in other posts, and then, you put “cluster f***” into your P.S..

    What planet are you from?

    You do not need to work blue!

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