Hey Carmen Ortiz, You said Nothing About Prosecutorial Discretion (The Humanity Part of the Job)

What a joke.

Don’t believe it when prosecutors talk about having to uphold the law.

If so everyone would be in the can as habitual offenders. You would be surprised how many laws are being unknowingly broken.

Never mind the intentional commission  of very minor offenses.

It’s called discretion.

Search and Avoid Dan Conley uses it all the time. Incorrectly of course. Like when he chooses not to indict police officers for killing and assaulting  college kids during World Series and NBA Championship celebrations. Or for negligent homicide against the cop who ran a red light at high speed and killed a poor innocent woman driving lawfully down Broadway in South Boston.

I could go on and on with Dan’s decisions which, In my opinion are abuses in discretion,  but our point today boys and girls is the active abuse of dicretion. Bringing charges when charges not appropriate, over charging, forcing innocent people to accept plea agreements with life-long effects, and….

Playing dirty. Hiding evidence. Protecting unethical prosecutors.

I am tired of John Q. Public being lead around by the daily propaganda suggesting law enforcement is always right and only the guilty get arrested.

See what happens when liberal arts are not stressed? A country of one dimensional pseudo intellectuals fighting against critical thinking. Zero tolerance and all that.


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  1. Ortiz claims she used discretion...

    …via Salon today.

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