I want to volunteer for Ed Markey

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Someone please tell me how.


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  1. Me too

    I’m disappointed that all I’ve gotten is a fundraising request – I’m champing at the bit to get going!

  2. Contact Info

    So I’m not sure if this post is an honest question or an oblique indictment of the campaign’s outreach efforts so far. If it’s an honest question, I reached out to Matt Harutunian, who is Markey’s Deputy Political Director and he said for now people who are interested can contact him at matt@edmarkey.org or by cell at 617-910-0679.

    • Email sent!

      Thanks! Is there a reason this info isn’t front and center at Markey’s web site? At the very least, they should have a form for volunteers to enter their data.

    • Campaign

      This campaign is very new, and there’s plenty we can do ourselves, since for most of us this isn’t our first campaign. I am happy to get inquiries from eager volunteers, and have been checking in with people who have been on our team in 2012 and earlier. There’s plenty that can be done without a formal structure in place. There’s going to be tons of work to do, so, please don’t wait for an invitation to get started.

      Also, Senator Kerry has yet to be confirmed and vacate the seat.

      In the 4th Middlesex District, I’m more than happy to hear from folks wanting to get involved.

      email me at rdpeters2007@gmail.com
      DM: @robertdpeters


      Bob Peters
      DSC Member, 4th Middlesex District

  3. Embyronic site at http://www.edmarkey.org

    Mr. Markey seems to have is a very embryonic (as in one page w/ two buttons) website up as of January 25, 2013.

    It includes a “sign up page” that invites supports to “Sign up for Email Updates”.

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