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Hello, Blue Mass Group!

My name is Mike Mangan and I’m a Democratic candidate for State Representative in the 28th Middlesex District, representing Everett. The special primary election will be held on March 5.

I am a two-term member of the Everett Board of Aldermen, a board member of the Everett Housing Authority, and a proud member of the Boston Carmen’s Union Local 589 and the Greater Boston Labor Council, MASS AFL-CIO.

I’m running for State Representative because I love Everett and want to help improve quality of life here in Everett and around Massachusetts. I firmly believe that by investing in educational opportunities for our children, and strengthening our transportation infrastructure, we can position Massachusetts to lead the nation economically.

I’m still getting my web presence up and running as this is a very quick campaign, but I look forward to interacting with you here at BMG, on my Facebook page, and on my new Twitter account. Please let me know what issues are important to you. Additionally, I’d greatly appreciate your support, so feel free to contact me here or via email at if you’re interested in helping the campaign!

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  1. Fill me in.

    Why is this seat vacant?

  2. Mike tell us more

    about your vision for the community. What skills do you bring to the position of state representative for Everett? What is the status of potential casino impacts on the two issues you named above and the rest of the community?

    Are you philosophically a Blue-Dog, Union-D, Progressive (liberal) D or some combination of the above? What is your opinion of the Speaker’s performance and the Beacon Hill machine?


    • Thank you for your reply. I’ve shown my commitment to Everett as a two-term Alderman and former member of the Common Council, but more important than that has been my involvement in the community – from serving as the labor representative on the Everett Housing Authority board, to my years of experience as a youth sports coach and board member of the E Club. I love Everett, and I see this as an opportunity to serve the community by fighting for progress on key statewide issues that impact Everett’s working families.

      On casinos – Casinos have a lot of potential benefits, including construction jobs and long-term jobs to staff the hotels, restaurants and casinos. There are major concerns, of course – traffic increases, impact on property values, and potential increase in crime coming from casino gambling. If the right plan comes to Everett and is approved by Everett voters, I’ll fight for that plan. Ultimately, it’s going to be put on the ballot and people will vote on it, and if elected I’d abide by their decision, because I have confidence that the people of Everett will only approve a plan that’s right for Everett.

      Regarding what kind of Democrat I would call myself – I don’t like to put myself in a box. Every issue that comes before the House of Representatives is complex. That being said, my views tend to be on the progressive side economically and socially. I am a proud member of the Boston Carmen’s Union Local 589 and of the Greater Boston Labor Council of the AFL-CIO, so obviously labor issues are very important to me.

      I encourage you to email me if you have any more questions at Thank you again for your comment.

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