Ladies and Gentlemen, we really do have a primary

Lynch is announcing on Thursday.

A lot of people scoff at the idea of Lynch, because he’s fairly conservative for Massachusetts, and very much so for Mass Democrats. However, if you’re a Markey supporter, underestimate him at your peril.

  • Lynch is a tough campaigner, facing a legitimate challenge as recently as a few years ago, and thrashing said challenger, just as one example of his success. There are more. What do almost all of them have in common? He has a history of pwning progressives.
  • Lynch already started his shift to the left several election cycles ago (for example, coming out for marriage equality) and there’s no reason to think he won’t continue to ‘evolve,’ whether any shifts in position are genuine, based on political calculations, or both.

Even more importantly, he’s new to the public at large, who won’t have any preconceived notions about him from past positions. Most people won’t realize he’s flip flopped to begin with, and a lot won’t even believe a Democrat in Massachusetts could have ever been anti-choice, never mind being so at present.

The price for flip flopping simply isn’t that high, and the only way Lynch’s past record could be his undoing is if Markey ties it around Lynch’s neck. Yet, who’s expecting anything less than a huggy-Care-Bear primary from Markey?

That’s what we all want in this primary anyway, right? A friendly little challenge?

I’m not saying Markey should decide to go on the attack — far from it — but I am suggesting that a nice and friendly bout will leave Markey at something of a disadvantage against Lynch.

That’s the con to the pro of being more likable during the phase where Markey actually has to introduce himself to the voting public, and gear up for the general.

Markey has other advantages against Lynch in the primary, including what will likely be an overwhelming advantage in grassroots support, financial donors, unions and more.

Coakley had a lot of those things, too. She just didn’t take advantage of them.

Yet, the campaign ghost of Martha Coakley’s Senate race will someday cease haunting us. May this be that election.

Markey has his kickoff on Saturday and I’m hoping any of my anxiety and doubts about him thus far will evaporate quickly. Markey’s a good guy and I was excited he got into the race. I just expect a lot, because I know that’s how much it’ll take to beat Scott Brown.

That’s why I’m hoping Lynch gives Markey the challenge of his life. Chances are Markey’s mettle will be tested and we know he’ll have what it takes to beat Mr. #Bqhatevwr. If not, well, at least we’ll have an, um, Plan B.

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  1. Aaargh!

    I can’t stand this! Either s**t or get of the pot, you pathetic DINO Lynch! Enough, I am sick of being trollish here.

  2. My enthusiasm for Markey

    just went up 2 million percent.

    When Kerry first was nominated, I expected to be knocking on doors all of May and June. But if Lynch wins a primary, I will not even vote for him in the general. His entire political career originates from things I find odious and he’s not repudiated anywhere near enough of them.

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