Markey campaign kickoff in Malden this Saturday

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UPDATE by Charley: Doors open at 10am, Ed actually talks at 11am per Markey press release: Here’s the full schedule for the day:

Markey To Launch Campaign for U.S. Senate in Hometown of Malden

Medford, MA – In his hometown of Malden, Massachusetts, among family, friends, and neighbors, today Rep. Ed Markey (D-Malden) will launch his campaign for Senate at a rally today at the Malden YMCA. Rep. Markey will begin the weekend in Malden and will travel to Worcester and Springfield later in the day to meet and speak with local voters and grassroots activists.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

WHAT: Kick-off rally to launch Ed Markey for U.S. Senate campaign

WHO: Rep. Ed Markey and special guests

WHEN: 11 AM (press set up begins 10:30 AM)

WHERE: Malden Y (formerly YMCA), 99 Dartmouth, Malden, MA


 WHEN: 1:30 PM

 WHERE: Broadway Diner, 100 Water Street, Worcester, MA


WHEN: 3:15 PM

WHERE: Student Prince Cafe & Fort Dining Room

8 Fort Street, Springfield, MA


So this won’t be much of a post, but I thought I would just share this information with others who might not have heard…

The Markey for Senate campaign is holding a kickoff event in Malden this Saturday:

February 2


Malden YMCA

99 Dartmouth Street

Folks can RSVP by calling the campaign HQ at 617-337-3086.

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  1. Phew.

    That was close. There’s a deadline for starting on time.

  2. also this on that day

    Tribute to our late Steve W. Orr
    start time: Saturday, February 2, 2013 at 10 a.m.
    end time: around 12 noon / high noon
    location (with street address for GPS): Village Hall, 2 Oak Street, Framingham, MA 01701
    event description: We are invited to Framingham’s Village Hall this Saturday to Pay Tribute to our just departed Steve W. Orr. State Representative Christopher J. Walsh (Democrat of Massachusetts) said an event has been planned at Village Hall Saturday, Feb. 2 to honor our late Steve Orr, who died unexpectedly Monday.
    Attendees will be asked to share stories of Orr, who created Frambors, an e-mail list server for residents and the community. Orr was the gateway for Democratic State Committee member Norma B. Shulman’s own e-mail posts on his [frambors], [tmm] and [framcom] e-mail lists. Orr was very active in Framingham Town Government.
    link for more info:

  3. I am at the Broadway now

    There’s a great crowd gathering- I’ll have video up later!

  4. Malden in the Morning

    I was in Malden for the morning kick off. It was really crowded and the energy there was wonderful. Anne Anderson who lost her son to the polluated wells in Woburn spoke about how Ed Markey listened when no one else would and it certainly moved me to support him even more stongly than I already did.
    Someone must have a video from Malden.

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