Markey Strategy Questions and other Thoughts

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While Congressman Markey was not my first choice for the Democratic nominee for the special election, he has certainly positioned himself as an early front runner. That being the case I am curious as to the BMG universe’s thoughts on these strategy questions:

Congressman Markey’s announcement for US Senate came during the Holidays while most voters were preoccupied with the season, with shopping, with family and not the least bit interested in politics. While his timing might have been a gambit to clear the field it sacrificed a higher visibilty announcement tat could have increased name recognition for Markey. If he was successful in clearing the field was it worth getting overshadowed by the Holidays?

Second, this morning WBZ carried interviews with Congressmen Steve Lynch and Barney Frank as well as the story that Scott Brown voted for the Senate bill. So where was Congressman Markey’s visibility during a high profile media coverage frenzy? There is a case to be made that the middle class taxcuts were saved by Democrats. Should our potential nominee have been more visable both in calling on the Republicans to allow an up or down vote and in the news cycle this morning?

Please note: I’m not going negative on Markey here. I am concerned that in a short special election window any opportunity missed will be significant down the road.

On another issue: ┬ádo the remaining Republican Congressmen from New York, NJ and CT, having seen the Republicans in the Senate attack emergency spending for Hurricane Sandy relief and then watched the Republican House Leadership deep six the funding bill for their states, get the concept that they don’t matter to a Republican Party based in the slave states??

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  1. Getting in early

    On one hand, making his announcement when he did, put him ahead of other potential contenders, got him the quick endorsements of Kerry, Vicki Kennedy, and the DSCC. Might clear the field. Maybe that matters, maybe not.

    On the other hand, he might have waited for more publicity, sure. But if he comes into the New Year as the guy to beat, maybe that doesn’t mean much.

    • Two issues

      The first is the primary, the second the general. As Charley says, a high-publicity entry means less for the primary if the field is largely cleared.

      Holidays or no holidays, I don’t think a lot of the independent and otherwise not-very-political voters are paying much attention this early. Over the holidays I spoke with some relatives and neighbors who had no idea Kerry was on tap for State.

      Not being visibly connected with the “fiscal cliff” deal doesn’t strike me as such a bad thing. I would be ecstatic if he took a strong stand when we have the Debt Ceiling Tantrum & Blackmail Show, Part 2, in a few weeks.

      As for the

  2. Elizabeth Warren had a ton of publicity on her announcement ...

    … and based on both early polling data and my personal experience collecting signatures for her nomination papers, there were a lot of people who either didn’t know who she was after that or didn’t have an opinion one way or the other. And I was collecting signatures at places where you’d expect people might be paying attention (local election polling place, public library).

    Sure, I’d rather have more positive press than less, but I’d keep it in perspective. Do you remember a big deal being made over Scott Brown’s candidacy for the special election last time? I don’t.

  3. Earlier is always better than later in a special.

    Markey has a great political team and the sooner they get to work turning into a Statewide operation, the better. Getting activists, consultants, etc snapped up early matters.

  4. Does anyone have contact info for his campaign staff?

    I’d love to get him to come visit us in southern Worcester County – we have an active group of Dems spanning 15 towns, and our Drinking Liberally chapter meetings are always well attended. I’d love to have him pay us a visit!

    For anyone else who may want to come out, our DL chapter meets on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday every month at the Turtle Tavern, 72 Main St in Milford at 6:30 pm until the lasy folks leave.

  5. The endorsements were immediate, indicating coordination.

    Markey’s move impressed me. I thought he was small time, but that was a prime time move.

  6. He needs visibility all over Boston Metro

    Specifically, in and near his district. A common knock is that he doesn’t spend enough time in his district — well, start doing so, and doing so publicly. Go walk around the block to buy bagels and milk. Be seen in regular restaurants and so forth. If he isn’t in DC for a vote, he needs to be out and about, getting picked up by the media whenever possible.

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