Markey To All Potential Candidates: Agree to People’s Pledge

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Now that John Kerry is expected to resign from the Senate tomorrow upon being confirmed as the next Secretary of State, and Bill Galvin confirming an April 30th primary and June 25th Senate Special Election, it seems like the primary season is about to begin. Prior to other candidates joining Ed Markey smartly calls on all potential candidates to agree to the People’s Pledge.

I am challenging all of the candidates — Democrats and Republicans — in this special election for the United States Senate to join me in committing to the people‚Äôs pledge upon entering this race,” Markey said in a statement released by his campaign. “If all the candidates agree, we can give the voters the kind of debate they deserve. This election should be a forum for the voices of everyday voters, not attacks from Karl Rove and other outside special interests. This election should be focused on big issues and ideas, not big-money outside groups.

No one can argue with the results, candidates couldn’t hide behind special interest groups, if they wanted to relay a message, positive or negative, they had to do it themselves. Kudos to Ed Markey for putting this challenge in the forefront, let the candidates carry their own message and let the primaries begin!

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  1. This time...

    …can we PLEASE include direct mail in the prohibitions?!

  2. Does this mean we can

    stop the whining about Markey not campaigning?

    • It probably means that he's been very busy getting dollars

      Here’s my guess on why we haven’t seen Markey campaigning. For the past month, Markey has probably been very busy raising money. Probably on the phone to donors and probably doing fundraisers. So Markey now has a huge lead in cash. Indeed, he already had $3million before he even announced. It makes sense to say that nobody should use outside SuperPacs, because that’s the only way that Brown or Lynch can catch up.

    • Can we stop whining about campaigning?

      No! I demand better whining!

    • No.

      This is a good thing to do, but it’s not a substitute for an actual campaign.

      • Yes, agreed ...

        I think it was a smart move by Markey. It also has the added benefit not being bombarded with attack ads, I think everyone in MA watch TV will be thankful. But it doesn’t mean he’s been building a strong grassroots campaign or even showing signs of building an infrastructure.

        The only thing I’ve seen is a direct link to a Google spreadsheet questionnaire under to get volunteers for his kickoff event Saturday at the Malden YMCA, and another for phone-banking.

        BTW, who knew he had a kickoff event Saturday?

  3. per bluewatch above

    Wouldn’t an obvious opposition move be to demand that Markey return all the “outside money” he’s already collected?

    Not just on a one-time basis, but during the whole campaign. You know something like

    “You feast on money from GE, Raytheon, Rupert Murdoch. $2.8 million just recently from Hollywood and New York. And NOW you want everyone else to agree not to take money? You’re an inauthentic insider blah blah blah…”

    Or whatever.

    But maybe I’m over-reading. Any BMG independents (CMD?) want to chime in here?

    • Not the same thing.

      The People’s Pledge doesn’t limit candidates from raising oodles of dollars from whoever they want – as long as the money goes directly to the campaign. It’s about keeping outside groups from making independent expenditures. So, whatever Markey or anyone else has got in his coffers is consistent with the Pledge.

  4. a question....

    With both Markey and Lynch looking to run, who pays the fine when a RNC ad goes out against one of them? Or is this just for the general?

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