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An awfully nice video, and an elaboration of John’s message below. The Republicans may have Mitt Romney, Fox, and the NRA, but we have the people, and history is on our side.

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  1. Effective on-line advocacy for a specific solution for homeless familes.

    Terrific idea!! And I think that BMG community has demonstrated the capacity to get off the keyboard and onto the doors and into the streets. And some of us who have complained about the ease of on line advocacy and taught others that public officials value constituent communications that took the longest time and biggest effort: i.e. in person meetings vs piles of postcards, hand written letters vs form letters, emails with I am a constituent with an opinion in the subject line vs a issue specific email, I have been convinced that Move On has been able to inform, organize and mobilize smart savvy action. And toward that end, I want to recommend to my friends here to sign a petition started by my friends in Western Mass working to find emergency shelter for homeless children and their Moms or Dads. She said, Hey, as soon as we get 20 signatures, MoveOn will forward to more than 1,000 members. Please sign ASAP and forward widely!

    Subject: Protect Homeless Families


    Every day homeless families flood the offices of advocacy organizations, trying to find shelter. Last year a change in regulations has led to more than 70% of the homeless families who apply for shelter being turned away. We cannot allow families to to suffer!

    That’s why I created a petition to The Massachusetts State House, which says:

    “Protect Homeless Children at Imminent Risk of Having to Stay in Unsafe Places! Require DHCD to Provide Shelter to Homeless Families at “Imminent Risk of Staying in Places Not Meant for Human Habitation” by Amending Item 7004-0101 in the FY 13 Budget

    Will you sign this petition? Click here:

    or cut and paste in your browser .

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