Don’t Let the Feds Scapegoat Carmen Ortiz! Hey, Isn’t That What They Did to John Connolly? “Deval and the Prez”, a Play in One Act

I cannot say this loud enough. If Aaron Swartz’s suicide was caused in any part by outrageous behavior by prosecutors than it is the result of the institutional mechanisms of the Justice Department that encourage, if not require, distasteful, unethical, and illegal prosecutorial strategies and tactics.

Right now the dickweeds in Washington are probably planning on forcing Ortiz out with the expectations that it will end the broo haha.

“Yes folks, this mean old lady was cray-cray. Now back to business as usual boys.”

Completely unfair to this woman.

Screw them!

And screw Kevin Cullen with a second hit piece against Ortiz today. His column sounds exactly like someone would write if they were favoring the status-quo. (As we all know Cullen was the tool used by slime ball FBI agent John Morris when he committed many crimes by exposing Whitey Bulger as an informant )

Keep an eye on David Boeri’s reports too. He’s all about being the feds valet.

Remember what they did and still are doing to John Connolly after their top echelon program was exposed? Find the best available patsy who just follows the party line and send them to the gallows.

Play it like a one-off then go back and have everyone continue doing the same thing.

Well sisters, I’m standing behind Carmen Ortiz and demanding the real problem be addressed. You heard me. I’m “demanding” this. Now let’s see what they do.

Anyway, hey Deval, you should make a call to the White House.

It should go something like this:

Secretary – “Oval Office”

Deval –  ”Hi, it’s me. Is he there?”

Secretary – “Oh sure D. How you been sugar? They treating you alright up there in Boston?”

Deval – “Yes they are Tonya. I mean I’m use to them, so ya know, I can deal with them.”

Secretary – “Good. Hold on honey. I’ll get him.”

Pres. – “D.P. my bro on the go, how’s it hanging?”

Deval – “Low to the ground as always Mr. President. Low to the ground”

Pres. – “Good, keep tellin’ yourself that. What’s up?”

Deva – “Well Sir, you know that attorney general job we talked about? Things are percolating here which could brew into a nice batch of public outcry over the Justice Department and their business as usual bullshit. Could be something to jump on and encourage.”

Pres – “Absolutely. Time to let the peeps know what The Man does. This could be the opportunity we’ve all been waiting for. You ready to come down here and turn Justice on its ass? We need to bust this thing open”

Deval – “You know it Mr. President. Let’s do this.”

cue the music


I like Ortiz’s husband getting his Irish up with the twitter. I get it. I totally get it.

Don’t worry about it dude. Fuck em! (not Swatz family, the press and others jumping on the bandwagon)


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  1. I was going to say "But Ernie, you started it!"

    But I couldn’t find a post where you specifically called for Ortiz to go. It was my distinct impression that you are not a fan of our Federal Prosecutor, but I also get that it’s probably “bigger than Ortiz”, as you said elsewhere.

  2. Sure it's bigger than Ortiz

    but your argument makes no sense.

    First, as you’ve indicated, this District Attorney has a history of grossly overreaching, and likely worse than others around — as your “lets steal the family motel that has no mortgage” story points out. (That story made national news outlets, btw.)

    More importantly, if prosecutors aren’t shown that there are severe consequences for prosecutorial overreach — by being shown the door when they do it — what incentive is there for them to try to be fair and balanced, and actually incorporate a little empathy in their professional career?

    Simply put, if she’s not fired — and her underlings that managed this case, who even went so far as to dismiss the fact that he was known to be a suicide risk — there is no accountability and prosecutors will go own knowing their jobs are protected no matter how far they go to lock up decent human beings for indecent and inhumane time periods, as if they are Jean Valjean in a modern day version of Les Mes.

    The answer isn’t to protect her job, but somehow try to go after the US District Attorney system to instill some sense of fairness into it. The answer is to after the US District Attorney system to ensure there’s some sense of fairness and empathy in it, but also to hold Carmen Ortiz and her underlings working on this case responsible for what they did. Indeed, doing the former will help the latter be accomplished, by signalling that we all refuse to let this be swept under the rug.

    Remember, this isn’t the first case Carmen Ortiz’s underling who managed the Swartz case drove a hacktivist into suicide. Shockingly, it has already happened before, in that very office — and to a minor, at that.

    Enough is enough.

    RyansTake   @   Mon 21 Jan 5:13 PM

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