Pro-gun spokesman Alex Jones

This is what many opponents of gun control look like. Hat tip to David for posting this clip in the Americans for Responsible Solutions thread, but Jones is too compelling to relegate to the comments:


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  1. He would better help his cause...

    …by not coming across as exactly the type of person that I wouldn’t want anywhere near a gun.

    • Ah, but then...

      he wouldn’t be the complete lunatic who so perfectly exposes the web of delusions espoused by the extreme 2nd Amendment “movement.” He serves a useful function by illuminating those delusions and maybe waking up some more rational people about just how much crazy is walking around armed.

  2. Undue publicity

    I think the front-page placement of this nauseating rubbish gives it far more publicity than it merits. This country already has far too many wanna-be Rush Limbaugh sociopaths (heavily armed, at that!), and visibility like this only encourages more of them.

    In my view, this “interview” should have been terminated somewhere around 2:20, when this apparently deranged individual showed — utterly without provocation — that he is a danger to himself and others.

    • I understand your sentiment.

      But imagine if your logic had been applied, say, to Edward R. Murrow’s live interview of Joe McCarthy, or to David Frost’s interview of Nixon. I’d say it’s best to let vicious loonies expose themselves in fora they don’t control, then let things roll. Exposure and response, not suppression, is always be the best way way to deal with crazy, irresponsible or morally repugnant speech.

      • You make my point for me

        You’ve now compared Mr. Jones to Senator McCarthy and Richard Nixon — comparisons that, in addition to being false, are greatly beneficial to Mr. Jones. As difficult as this is to believe, there are people today who think that Senator McCarthy was right all along, just as there are people who believe that Mr. Nixon was a great President and patriotic American hounded out of office by a liberal media and out-of-control congress. As disgusting as I (and apparently you) find each, neither can accurately be described as a “vicious loony” — at least in comparison to Mr. Jones.

        In my view, Mr. Jones has far more in common with thugs and crazies than ANY legitimate political figure. His embarrassingly (to himself) unprovoked and out-of-control shouting, aggressive manner, and incoherent ramblings are best handled by a trained mental health professional — in my view, they have no business in the public forum. If he displayed this behavior in a T station or airplane, I suspect he would be detained and prosecuted.

        To paraphrase Richard Dawkins, this appearance looks much better on Alex Jones’ CV than Piers Morgan.

        • Hearsay anecdote

          Apparently, when he displays his major malfunction in a gun shop, it’s not received all that well.

          Alex was ranting, but the rant was different than this one [this one being the same one as the subject of this BMG post]. He felt he was in a safe place, surrounded by people who agreed with him. The rant was worse, crazier, more threatening. He was oblivious to the fact that everyone was trying their best to avoid him, trying to avoid eye contact, trying to quietly let him understand that he should take the gun that he had purchased and go home. You could see the shop guys grimacing and realizing that selling that one gun was probably not a good idea.

  3. We will never succeed if we don't show respect!

    Reading the lead to this video made me very upset. Yes it is a funny video of an extremely crazy person who has been touting conspiracy theories for years. Why did you need to write that this is representative of many anti gun control people? The best way for us to make the case for gun control to explain to people that there are parts of this country (cities, suburbs) that are so densely populated that without reasonable regulations its impossible to live together safely. People that are against gun control aren’t all crazy, they just don’t see the need for it in their lives. When you belittle them, you harden their resolve. Lets start healing.

    • Jones represents millions, including the NRA and others

      A significant fraction of the pro-gun lobby thinks exactly like Mr. Jones, including many or even most NRA members, as evidenced by their recent post-Newtown press conference. He isn’t crazy at all, at least as the term is normally used, and even less so extremely crazy. He is perhaps dangerous and misinformed, but not insane. Thus, I don’t belittle him in the slightest and neither does the lead. As to the healing you speak of, the best way to heal the nation is to make ownership of military-grade technology illegal nationwide. That case was made by 20 dead first graders and their teachers.

      • Let us define our terms

        “He isn’t crazy at all, at least as the term is normally used…”? We apparently use the term differently. Jones is the kind of guy whose presence in any situation would prompt me to leave. Knowing that he’s almost certainly armed would cause me to leave quickly. I am not a psychologist, but I have seen people like him (delusions, anger issues) turn ordinary situations into disasters more than once. I have to wonder who you would consider crazy.

    • If not mainstream, perhaps a large tributary of the NRA

      Alex Jones rants are heard on over 140 radio stations. His silly petition has gathered over 100,000 signatures, 4000 after the Piers Morgan interview. So I guess you could say his viewpoints represent a good faction of the NRA.

  4. Wow that is terrifying to watch

    I honestly just got a MA firearms license about a month ago and have been debating if I want to actually find a range and start shooting or not. I enjoy putting holes in paper, but just can’t stand the banter and “signage” I have seen around many local ranges. He may be extreme, but there is definitely a lot of undercurrent of anger out there in the gun community right now.

    • I agree, it is scary.

      The speed and ease with which he slips into a blind and paranoid rage that is utterly divorced from reality makes you think that this is someone who really should not have access to guns. And yet, he surely has quite a collection at home.

    • Of course, there is always change from the inside...

      which is to say, you get your gun legally, you store it prudently, you transport it safely, you use it correctly, and…

      … when “talking shop” at the range, you make the patient, simple, and concise case that we need better gun laws precisely because not everybody is treating their guns with the care the good folks at your particular gun club are treating their guns.

  5. I'm almost always opposed to the

    idea that if we’re really, really quiet, things will stay under the radar. I’m also opposed to the protests that talking about one of candidates being in a positive position will lead to overconfidence and loss. Information doesn’t work that way.

    Alex Jones is the shape of something to come. He’s an unwatered down Glenn Beck without the huge audience. So are the odious Oathkeepers, a right-wing, gun-loving organization whose members–mostly military and police, retired and active–pledge to disregard the government and follow the Constitution. Hint: don’t tell them to seize anyone’s guns. These people have always been out there. The John Birch Society was into conspiracy too.

    They should be discussed and addressed, but until we liberals start providing people with a compelling narrative to explain their lives, assuage their fears, and guide their action, this is what is out there.

    • Perhaps a false dilemma?

      I’m no shrinking violet, and I certainly don’t advocate keeping “really really quiet” — especially about nutcases like Mr. Jones. Surely it is possible to discuss and address the existence of these slugs without broadcasting their lunacy all over the web and the media.

      I think that Piers Morgan should have abruptly terminated the segment at 2:20. I would be happier if our editors had chosen to publish a link to the clip rather than embedding it in our front page.

      If a salacious and explicit video hit the web showing some key public figure bonking an attractive partner, would we embed it in our front page? I doubt it. In my view, the breakdown of Mr. Jones (and that’s the way I would describe it) is just as inappropriate.

      • "If a salacious and explicit video hit the web showing some key public figure bonking an attractive partner, would we embed it in our front page?"

        Hmm. Tough one – imagine the traffic! Google ad revenue would be through the roof. Mmmmmm … revenue …. ;)

      • if the bonk was directly related to current important politics

        then I say, why not! I can’t imagine how it could do that, but I’m open to the idea…

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