Scott Brown’s bizarre Twitter meltdown

If you spent any time on Twitter today, you might have noticed that “Bqhatevwr” has been the top trending hashtag for hours.  And why is that?

Because at about 1 a.m. this morning, that’s what Scott Brown tweeted out of his campaign Twitter account.  There have been tons of hilarious responses – perusing the #Bqhatevwr search on Twitter is good for lots of laughs.  One of the best comes from Boston’s own Hillary Chabot:

With all due respect, it’s not the Kennedy seat. It’s the #bqhatevwr seat

Nobody really knows what the heck Brown was tweeting about, or if it was even Brown himself, or what accounted for his truly epic misspelling of “whatever.”  Unsurprisingly, he has not commented publicly, and he has now deleted the tweets.  Fortunately, numerous Twitterers took screenshots of the peculiar sequence, including yours truly.


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  1. Cracking the Brownie Code

    bqhatevwr = Whatever

    “Whatever” = BAC .17+ ego crushing US Senate defeat + 1:44am, unemployed and Gail ain’t happy.

  2. Microscopy

    “Nobody really knows what the heck Brown was tweeting about, or if it was even Brown himself…”

    This post bears a certain disquieting aspect of unhealthy obsession. The guy says enough stupid things in the clear; why get excited when his cat walks across the keyboard?

  3. Actually...

    Eric Fehrnstrom does Scott Brown’s tweets. Fehrnstrom is an expert at using multiple identities on twitter.

    Brown’s entire social media campaign has been engineered by Fehrnstrom to keep Brown’s name in the news. Fehrnstrom is causing Brown to pretend to be coy, so that people talk about him until he announces. It’s a calculated campaign.

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