Senator Hart Stepping Down

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The Dorchester Reporter has announced that Senator Jack Hart will be stepping down. I was born in Dorchester and lived there briefly as a child, but I don’t know the political scene well enough to speculate on who might run.

State Sen. Jack Hart (D-South Boston) is stepping down from his seat this week and joining a local law firm, sources tell the Reporter. Hart confirmed the news on Monday night, saying he will submit a letter of intent to resign on Tuesday, with his last day in the state Senate set for Friday.

More special elections:

His departure sets up a special election later this year, and Hart speculated that Beacon Hill lawmakers could seek to align dates with the special election to replace U.S. Sen. John Kerry, who is expected to be confirmed as President Obama’s Secretary of State this week.


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  1. It would be silly, IMO...

    …to NOT have these elections on the same days as for the US Senate.

  2. Linda Dorcena Forry

    has already said she is interested.

  3. Helpful for Lynch

    assuming he decides to run.

  4. That reason

    Seems strange. I would have thought that jobs like that wouldn’t be that hard to come by for an experienced, senior state pol. But maybe it’s some very rare thing that would necessitate resigning only a few months after a reelection. Seems odd, though.

  5. Only question now

    Is who hosts the breakfast?

  6. Geez

    So a Congressman becomes Senator (hopefully), necessitating a special for Congress, which may necessitate a special for State Senator, etc…

    Plus we have a special for State Senator, and three for State Representative.

    It’ll be 2014 before we’re done with these specials.

    sabutai   @   Tue 29 Jan 9:09 PM

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