Senator Warren: Barney Frank “will be extraordinary” as interim Senator.

The more substantive legislation a Senator Frank could get enacted in the limited time available, the better. - promoted by Bob_Neer

“Senator Warren” – that still feels GREAT to say!

She had this to say about Barney Frank:

U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren called retiring Bay State Congressman Barney Frank an “extraordinary” choice to temporarily fill John Kerry’s seat yesterday, adding to what mounted to an impassioned stump speech for the Newton Democrat.

Warren, speaking at a mock swearing-in ceremony to celebrate her admission as Massachusetts’ first female U.S. senator, lauded Frank for his fiscal prowess, calling him “my tutor, my guide” and a “champion” of consumer protection.

“There is no one in or out of Washington who has worked harder on financial issues than Barney,” Warren said at Roxbury Community College yesterday as Patrick sat nearby on stage. “During the great financial crisis of our lifetime, Barney provided unparalleled insight and extraordinary leadership, resulting in landmark legislation.”

Speaking afterward to reporters, Warren heaped more praise upon Frank.

“Congressman Frank understands the workings of financial markets in ways that are unmatched,” she said. “If he is appointed to be a senator, I have no doubt he will be extraordinary.”


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  1. Pretty much everything I read that includes the phrase "Senator Warren"

    makes me happy :)

    • Title X of our Wall Street Reform

      Title Ten of Dodd-Frank legislated for the conception of a Consumer Financial Protection Bureau within our Federal Reserve System. Elizabeth Warren set up this agency. Cordray had been confirmed to head it, as Director. The Bureau’s for us consumers primarily for personal, family, or household
      purposes. Senator Warren and Frank both fight for fairness in debt collection practices. Warren and daughter Tyagi had documented how roughly aggressive phone calls can get from financial institutions, as when the child takes the call before the debtor parent gets around to the receiver. The two women had explained how a person (NOT CORPORATION, I say) filing for Bankruptcy (Chapter 7 or 13) can move on to a life throughout which her income can still save the home she owns, especially when she gets wise to not affirm any credit card debts. Warren and Frank also fight for fair credit billing and reporting. A few of us have gotten five dollar checks from Bank of America, because the big bank lost a suit in which they were found to sequence charge transactions starting from the biggest sum going to the lesser one, so that we end up more vulnerable to getting whacked by overdraft fees. I hope that Barney Frank scores on his hour at the VIP Room.

  2. Deval Patrick on Barney Frank - "he’d be a great senator,"

    Congressman Frank is a really gifted legislator, and he’d be a great senator – even on an interim basis.

    - Governor Deval Patrick, 01/04/2013

    “Coach, put me in!”

    - Barney Frank

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