Serial Tax Cheat Jimmy Lyons (R-Tea Party) wants sex changes free for everyone.

BMGers know Lyons as the author of House Bill 2239 repealing the state law creating a 35-foot safety zone around facilities that provide abortions. He has an obsession with what’s going on in other people’s pants.

When the Eagle Tribune isn’t claiming Scott Brown was “scalped by Chief Spreading Bull,” they’re giving a platform to anti-choice zealot and tax cheat Jimmy Lyons. The ET, who broke the story that Jimmy Lyons was a serial tax cheat,

Between 1995 and 2003, at least 14 federal, state and local tax liens amounting to more than $180,000 had been issued against Lyons and the business, according to records at the Northern Essex County Registry of Deeds.

still endorsed the serial tax cheat over Barbara L’Italian in the last election.

Jimmy’s latest whack-a-doodle episode (with co-nutjob Rep. Marc Lombardo, R-Billerica) is to propose a bill for state funded sex changes for everyone, because some guy in prison is getting one and to make a “profound point”.

But the funny bit, once you get past the utter insanity, is that tax cheat Jimmy Lyons gave this as his “profound point” -;

“The hard working citizens who follow the rules and pay their taxes do not qualify for benefits like this.”

Jimmy, what would you know about following the rules and paying your taxes?



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  1. So can we count Lyons...

    …as a yes vote for any legislation which advances MA toward single-payer health care?

  2. Less fun is having this guy be your most experienced state rep

    For North Andover, he is now our most experienced state rep. And DeLeo won’t move any of his bill. So even when a simple bill for the town (a home rule petition) comes up that he co-sponsors, someone has to go to DeLeo and get it pushed through.

  3. Filling up the Registry

    He has more liens, foreclosures, attachments, complaints listed in the Southern Essex County Registry also.

  4. Jimmy Lyons wants you

    to pay for his sex change

  5. The Party of Resentment

    Resentment has a deep appeal among the Republican base. To us, this line might sound goofy in the extreme, but, to them,its “another” “pandered” criminal getting “unfair” advantages.

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