Sources: Lynch In MA Sen

First tweeted by Janet Wu, later reported on, Rep. Lynch will announce for the soon-to-ba-vacant Senate seat next week.  Thoughts?


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  1. DINO Lynch is a fricken embarassment!

    One of the only ways I could ever consider voting for a Rethug is if the pathetic DINO Lynch is the Democratic Candidate.

  2. A lot of progressives aren't big fans of Lynch...

    …but I have to wonder, Mike Cote, what he ever did to you! You never miss an opportunity to call him names or say how pathetic you think he is. Sounds personal.

    • DINO Lynch voted against the Health Care Bill.

      As someone with a preexisting condition, you can sure as hell bet it is personal, the fricken DINO Lynch.

      • Not just about M Cote

        Voting against the Affordable Healthcare Act speaks volumes about his values and, more to the point, how he values other people’s lives, especially people with real hardship.
        Anti-choice – same thing
        Anti-gay marriage … you get my point
        When Thucydides was asked when justice would come to Athens, the historian replied, “Justice will not come to Athens until those who are not injured are as indignant as those who are injured.”

        • Agreed

          Right down to the Thucydides reference. Lynch was never viable due to the choice issue and will likely get stomped in a primary. The Iraq vote is negated since Markey votes for it too, though Lynchie never publicly said it was wrong or vote to end it. So we must presume he shares the McCain/Lieberman position. He betraye labor and 60 years of Democratic principles with the health care vote and offered conflicting rationales for his vote (first he opposed it from the right on cost and abortopn, than from the left since it lacked a public option). Strongly against gun control and gay rights too. And with the healthcare vote he lost the last issue to claim any kind of progressive leaning on-his labor record. Nate Silver said Lynchie and Artur Davis were the most conservative Democrats in solidly blue districts. Davis has since become a Republican.

  3. I don't believe

    Lynch is going to run. Lots of smoke and no fire.

    I have heard a rumor though that Mike Cote is not a fan.

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