The amazing invisible grassroots campaign

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Did you know that, right now, the biggest grassroots operation in Massachusetts history – bigger than Deval Patrick, bigger than Elizabeth Warren – is kicking into gear?

Me neither.

But I read it on the interwebs, so it must be true.  This, from The Hill:

[US Senate candidate Ed Markey's] spokeswoman, Giselle Barry, indicated the campaign is building a grassroots following bigger than the one that boosted [Elizabeth] Warren to a win.

“Rep. Markey is building the strongest grassroots campaign Massachusetts has ever seen. Already, we have support from the environmental community, small businesses and many others who work every day with the people whose issues matter most in this race,” she said in an email.

Huh.  See, if Markey really were putting together the biggest grassroots campaign in MA history, you’d think that actual grassroots people who want to help would have a clue how to get involved.  You’d think that the easiest way of communicating at least basic information to a lot of grassroots types – a website – would be up and running.  Heck, you’d think that grassroots people who went to the trouble of signing up for emails from said website might have received, you know, an email.

And yet, none of that has come to pass.  So if Markey is indeed rolling out the biggest grassroots operation in MA history, he is doing it on the QT.  As of now, his campaign is so quiet that nobody can hear it.  Endorsements from a couple of interest groups and a bunch of elected officials are all great, but they do not – repeat, do not – constitute a grassroots campaign.

Yes, yes, I know.  Kerry is not confirmed as Secretary of State yet, so technically the seat is not yet open.  Well, he will be confirmed tomorrow, and maybe tomorrow everything will change.  Maybe we really will experience the “strongest grassroots campaign Massachusetts has ever seen” … starting tomorrow.

Tomorrow, like the song says: you’re always a day away.


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  1. Must be a "stealth" campaign!

    I wish I had a better feeling about all this.

  2. Let's all take a deep breath

    Senator Warren went on a month long listening tour before making it official. Granted that’s a much more public way of building momentum than collecting endorsements. And the endorsements were not to excite the grassroots. It was simply a strategy to push out as much of the competition as possible.

    My guess, Congressman Markey is busy staffing up, but wants to wait until after Sen. Kerry’s confirmation is complete and the interim-Senator has been announced by the Governor before making any moves. I know it frustrates the activist base who is ready to hit #DemDoors. Just be patient. We’ll all have plenty to keep us busy shortly.

    [BTW although I'm not excited about a primary, the same could probably be said for Congressman Lynch.]

    • "Senator Warren went on a month long listening tour before making it official."

      This is precisely my point. Wouldn’t a Markey listening tour have been nice?

    • No deep breaths

      Liz was down 10 pts, Markey is down 20, Coakley took a long deep breath, sorry guys you gotta ask and you gotta earn it, and Eds been a slow start.

      • The first poll...

        tells us very little about the race to come. And to your point about the Warren-Brown race, there was an early poll by the Globe and UNH that had her down 20 and a MassInc poll that had her down by 9. And we all know how that race turned out.

        Let’s wait until after the candidate officially announces and volunteers start knocking on doors before we get too concerned. Rest assured this isn’t the 2010 special election.

  3. Even Secretary Galvin is being pre-emptive.

    He is recommending April 30 for a primary and June 25 for a general election.

  4. Step back fron the ledge, folks

    In the last day, I’ve received three emails from Markey support people. Two invited me to an organizational house party, one invited me to the campaign kickoff at 1 Thompson Square, Charlestown this Saturday at 11am.

    Want to volunteer for the kickoff?

    So, yes, we’d like more speed and we’d like more activity, but the train is moving at last. So, get down to the new HQ and phone bank!

  5. I dunno, David.

    I was at a local Markey meeting last night that was pretty well attended. Lots of Warren alum too.

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