What is Hillary thinking?

I absolutely love this picture from the front of today’s New York Times:

Hillary Clinton

I think it is worth a caption contest. Fill in the SoS’s thought bubble. Here are two entries from me:

1) Two weeks… Just two more weeks of this BS…

2) Tell that to me when I’m President, buddy!


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  1. Contrast that

    with the photo that the Globe stupidly decided to run on its front page:

    Some photo editor should be demoted over that one.

  2. Does the Globe have Herald envy?

    or do they just not like Hillary?

  3. my caption

    “Please proceed, Senator.”

  4. "Cool story, bro."

    “Tell another one.”

  5. another take on these hearings

    HRC used as an example of “how to deal with a mansplainer”.


  6. hey editors

    How did this post of mine from a year ago end up in the recommended list today???

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