Where Can I Get the Stuff Scot Lehigh Smokes? He Wanted Marty Meehan for the Senate Appointment.

Here it is. The Globe has jumped the shark.

WTF Scott?

Marty “everybody look at me” Meehan.

Hey Scott, Deval isn’t Jay Kaufman, or Margaret Marshall, or Carmen Ortiz or the other elitist/frauds whose lives revolve around getting good press from the Globe.

And suggesting Marty Meehan is like offering up Gino Cappaletti as the next Patriots head coach.

And Gino’s liked by people.

Marty fuckin’ Meehan? Marty McFly would be better.

But then again Lehigh’s column today is really a showcase of the behind-the-scenes-quid-pro-quo that is the routine of the sanctimonious press.

This column is probably the result of Marty crying like the immature snake int he grass he is because Ed Markey and Steve Lynch are getting all the press.

Really, do you think Marty and Scot could have made it anymore obvious.

Scot Lehigh is the Globe’s Joe Fitzgerald. Only Fitzgerald is sincere.

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  1. Marty already got shunned by Deval once

    on getting the head of the whole U Mass system job.

    He wanted it, but the Guv wanted anyone but (take that Marty!, who’s your daddy?).

    Why would Patrick want to enhance the stature of Meehan? This column makes no sense.

  2. Would have been fine with me.

    I’ve seen Meehan as Senate material for quite some time now.

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