Yet another school shooting unfolding

Brought to you by the NRA and the policies they advocate. These kinds of shootings increase gun sales, which is their objective. - promoted by Bob_Neer

Unfolding now (2:35p, Jan 22) is yet another school shooting, this time on the campus of Lone Star College, north of Houston, TX (emphasis original):

A college in the US state of Texas is on lockdown amid reports of a shooter on the campus.

Gunfire reportedly rang out on the campus of Lone Star College in the north of Houston.

The slaughter continues.

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  1. Disgusting

    Thank God no one was hurt, terrible though. The Times interviewed a woman present today who survived Virginia Tech-which reminds me that a survivor of an Oregon shooting perished in Aurora. Those connections shoe us that this violence isn’t random, it isn’t concentrated in one part of the country, its an epidemic fueled by the easy availability of firearms. Another story today was regarding a MN native who was a convicted felon and registered shizophrenic got access to a veritable aresenal since MN hasn’t had the budget to update its so not sell registry past 1995. Let’s have a national registry paid for by a huge surtax on every gun sold coupled with common sense reforms.

  2. State House Rally this Saturday 11:30-12:30 for gun control laws

    Please join One Million Moms for Gun Control, Representative David Linsky, and many others to make our voices heard. We need sensible gun control laws now!!

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