A “tip of the hat”to Congressman Markey

Congressman Markey’s public admonishment Stop & Shop’s hiring of scabs during tense negotiations with its Unions is welcomed by those of us in the Labor Movement regardless of endorsements in the US Senate race.

“Particularly troublesome are the reports that indicate Stop & Shop is offering these ‘replacement workers’ higher starting wages than wages currently offered to starting unionized employees,” Markey wrote in a letter to Stop & Shop Chief Operating Officer James McCann, citing a recent Herald report.

It was also smart political strategy to get out in front of an issue that is firmly on Congressman Lynch’s turf.

My support for Congressman Lynch is squarely based on his priority being jobs and the economy. Two weeks ago I signed up to get Markey Campaign email updates and have received issues emails on climate change and Internet privacy but nothing on jobs and the economy. These served to re-enforcement my opinion concerning priorities as our next Senator.

So it’s good to see Congresman Markey publically weighing in on behalf of Stop & Shop workers fighting to improve their jobs. Hopefully I will see that “jobs” email in my box soon.

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  1. Delusions striker...delusions

    S&S would only pay wages to their temp employees, no benefits that the union workers received. This is just a contingency plan by S&S in-case their is a strike, they can continue their operations and serve the public that shop at their stores, until an agreement is reached.

    Does Ed Markey even know what a S&S store is. Are there any in Chevy Chase, MD? I mean, his last water bill in Malden was nothing, just a flat fee for having water service, hardly used a drop.

  2. Striker, thanks for a great, positive post

    Have you joined this facebook event yet?


    Kate Donaghue is working on solidarity after the primary – I’m there, and every Democrat should be there as well.

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