Andi Wheeler from MassEquality wants you to help Mike Mangan

Mike Mangan is running for State Rep from Everett, in a contested Democratic primary in less than two weeks.

Today, my friend Andi at MassEquality sent out this email:

Hey there,

You may know I’m a big fan of Mike Mangan. He’s the red-line T driver running for State Representative over in Everett. He’s also a Pop Warner Football Coach and the former Labor Representative on the Everett Housing Authority board.

What’s really great about Mike Mangan is he’s also a hard-core champion for the LGBTQ community. When asked at Wednesday night’s debate for a piece of legislation currently filed in the State Legislature that each candidate would strongly advocate for in the state legislature, Mike said the Equal Access bill because it was important to protect transgender people from discrimination. This addresses discrimination in public accommodations (which includes the T which Mike drives daily) based on gender identity and expression.

You know- that’s the bill that opponents call the ‘Bathroom Bill’ and send out fliers attacking people during elections for supporting it. And he answered he’d work hard for it on a softball question when there are thousands of bills filed in the State Legislature to choose from.

This is our chance to stand up for somebody who stood up against discrimination- and it is a unique opportunity to show other legislators that it doesn’t hurt you in an election when you do. In fact, it helps you.

Please help Mike by making a financial contribution right now to Mike Mangan’s campaign.

This is a special election Democratic Primary on Tuesday, March 5th. There are 4 other candidates running in the primary- your money today is going to go a long way towards the final GOTV push and mail pieces being sent out to define Mike Mangan in such a crowded field. I can’t stress enough the importance of raising some real cash less than two weeks out in a special election to help Mike cross the finish line. Please donate what you can online right now:

I had the opportunity to thank Mike Mangan after the debate on Wednesday for what many would have considered to be a bold decision to come out in support of the bill but what Mike simply felt was a no-brainer. Please thank him with a contribution online today.

Please feel free to share this also with your contact networks who would be interested in hearing about this and donating. Everybody is doing it!

After reading what she wrote about his answer at the debate, I donated to Mike. Will you?

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  1. Isn't it

    Andi not Andy?

  2. Thank you

    Thank you so much for this post. As you know, I will be an ally for the cause of equality if I’m fortunate enough to be elected.

    In addition to donating, you can also get in touch with my campaign about volunteering by emailing or calling 781-632-5610. You can also like my page on Facebook.

    Thanks again!

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