Blizzard of 2013 open thread

Still snowing hard as I post this.  What do you see?  Post photos in the comments, if you’re so inclined.  And please stay safe.

UPDATE: The snow has stopped, and the sun is even making an appearance!  We are pretty well dug out, though not planning to go anywhere even though the travel ban expires at 4 p.m.  I’d also like to take this opportunity to nominate Arthur Sicard, the guy who invented the snowblower, for the Nobel Prize.


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  1. If you're looking for a laugh while you ride out the storm,

    check out the Red Mass Group thread about how the Governor’s opting to keep casual drivers off the roads last night and this morning is tantamount to tyranny. Perhaps this is what RMG’s Rob Eno was talking about when he insisted that citizens need to be able to own guns to keep a potentially tyrannical government in check?

  2. Seems to have stopped snowing in Milford

    I never lost power, but my truck is buried in the driveway. My neighbors are digging out, I can hear the snowblower – it’s getting brighter too, I may go do a first pass on the driveway myself!

    Hilarious thread at RMG – I’m on Rob’s email list, I saw it yesterday. Tyrrany!! One question for Rob – which amendment established the right to drive?

  3. I did not hear the howling wind I was expecting.

    Meteorologists remind us that it is the wind component that makes a blizzard as opposed to simply a heavy snowstorm.

    • howling wind

      I could hear it last night and again this morning when I started cleaning up.

      The official definition of a blizzard is:

      - Winds of 35mph+ sustained or frequent gusts
      - blowing snow cutting visibility to 1/4 mile or less
      - all of the above occurring for at least three hours

      I don’t know if any locations got that, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

      As a kid in Michigan, we once had an official blizzard without a cloud in the sky. The winds whipped up the previous day’s fluffy snow enough to meet the official definition.

  4. I have not finished shoveling

    I have not finished shoveling. Here is my Patch of Earth:

    • Ramuel, I have to ask

      Why did you downrate my comment above? Are you offended that I’m on RMG’s mailing list, or offended that I ridiculed them? And no matter which case is true, why are you offended? I don’t get it.

  5. And I though occasional BMGer Patrick was

    reasonable! Here’s his analysis:

    You joke but …Patrick could use his authority under this state of emergency to dissolve the legislature permanently, sweeping away the last remnants of the Commonwealth before ushering in a New Order.

    I know what you are thinking. How will Patrick maintain control without the bureaucracy?

    Probably regional authorities will be given direct control. Fear will be what keeps the cities and towns in line.

    Fear of some yet unveiled battle station.

    Just to be clear, as a Democratic activist I have a contract to run FEMAs concentration camp. So if anyone needs a job in the New World Order, you have my email address.

    • This is why we can't have nice things

      That fact that people like that poster are still part of the general conversation on the role of government in society is what keeps us from progressing.

      • given that it's a line from Star Wars

        I think it was probably meant as a joke… But I didn’t read the thread, so who knows.

        • I don't know my Star Wars the well

          I’m more like the hard-of-hearing Darth Vader

          which phrase in the post is from Star Wars?

          • Here you go

            Governor Tarkin: The Imperial Senate will no longer be of any concern to us. I have just received word that the Emperor has dissolved the council permanently. The last remnants of the Old Republic have been swept away forever.
            General Tagge: But that’s impossible! How will the Emperor maintain control without the bureaucracy?
            Governor Tarkin: The regional governors now have direct control over their territories. Fear will keep the local systems in line. Fear of this battle station.

            • okay, thanks, but

              read the rest of the thread and draw you own conclusion. I would love it if I was being punked, but some of these people take Stephen Colbert’s persona seriously, so how can one tell?

    • Kudos to Patrick

      The Star Wars reference went way over my head and I thought Patrick ad followed Eno into the abyss.

  6. Two plus feet of snow out here

    on the western edge of central MA. We have power and all the trees were well behaved. I’m a little worried about the snow/rain coming Monday on top of all this.

  7. According to The Weather Channel website...

    …we will have highs mid-30s to 40s for the next few days so the snow will begin to melt soon.

  8. Boston did get some snow

    Hyde Park, not Vermont. Our yardstick had 28 inches.

  9. Backyard café

    The big one made our hot-weather seating less attractive.

  10. Wish they all could be California dogs

    In just a few minutes, our visiting CA puppy switched from snow joy to pick-me-up-now.

  11. Democrat and Republican politicians can learn a thing or two from this blizzard

    It seemed like the whole neighborhood got together today, people helping each other out and got the job done, everyone was shoveled out and everyone pitched in. In other words, we all worked together.

    My intention was to snow blow out my elderly neighbor, but then the family across the street waived me over, then after that, the lady next door to him kept staring at me so I helped her, then the family across from her was struggling, so of course, I did their driveway and sidewalk as well. My dog hopped the fence due to the snow drift in the yard and a stranger calls us and walks the dog back home for us. Physically exhausted but a very pleasant day. There were others who had snow blowers helping those who either did not or had an inadequate blower.

    Speaking of snow blowers David, you own a particular model or brand? I have a 70′s Craftsman Drift Breaker, it is massive compared to the ones sold today. I only bring it out on the big blizzards, a foot or more. Otherwise, I use a Toro from the mid 80′s, thing is like a piece of lead, very heavy for its small size, but gets the job done.

    • I got mine

      at Home Depot about 10 years ago. “Yard Machines” is the brand, I think – something like that. Works great as long as I get it tuned up every couple of years.

  12. Scituate is a mess...

    Made it through OK a mile from the beach but hearing a lot of damage by the water. I’m sure the news crews are reporting from here so you all probably know more than me – power out until Tuesday here.

    Cell service went down this morning and came back up a couple of hours ago. My link to the outside world was my police scanner. Listening to the Scituate Police and Fire frequencies reminded me how lucky we are to have such great first responders. A lot of folks stayed in their houses and were getting rescued around 1 or 2 am as the ocean crept up to their front door. There wasn’t a mandatory evacuation so our first responders had to risk their lives to rescue hold outs. Without a mandatory driving ban, I would imagine similarly minded folks would have gone out on the roads and required more assistance from first responders. Kudos to the Governor for making the right call on the driving ban.

    chrismatth   @   Sat 9 Feb 11:14 PM
  13. Here's the reason to keep those

    freedom loving libertarians off the road during a blizzard:

  14. did we have a blizzard?

    Yes, according to the National Weather Service.

    From email:

    Public Information Statement
    Statement as of 4:55 PM EST on February 11, 2013

    …Blizzard of 2013…

    Blizzard conditions were reached at many locations across southern
    New England during the storm on February 8 and 9. Thus it is safe to
    call this the blizzard of 2013 for southern New England. Certainly
    public perception of this event was that it was most definitely a

    The strict definition of a blizzard is that falling and/or blowing
    snow reduces visibility to below 1/4 mile along with winds that
    frequently gust to 35 mph or more…and that these blizzard
    conditions are the predominant reported condition for 3 consecutive

    When reviewing whether a particular observation location had
    blizzard conditions…we counted visibilities equal to 1/4 mile
    since that is quite low for an automated visibility sensor to be
    able to detect. We also made some subjective decisions. For
    example…in Manchester NH…blizzard conditions were met for a
    consecutive 2 hours 40 minutes…and we considered this close enough
    to the 3 hour requirement. At Boston Logan International
    Airport…within a 6-hour period blizzard conditions were observed
    for 4 of those hours. Thus we decided to count this even though
    there were only 2 consecutive hours.

    The following observation sites clearly had blizzard conditions.
    Durations listed are approximate…

    Worcester MA…. 8 hours
    Norwood MA…… 7.5 hours
    North Smithfield RI…5.5 hours
    Bedford MA…… 4.5 hours
    Falmouth MA….. 4.5 hours
    New Bedford MA…4.5 hours
    Newport RI…….3.5 hours
    Hartford CT……3.0 hours…at Brainard field

    The following observation locations were determined to have also had
    a blizzard…

    Westfield MA…..2.75 hours…rounded up to 3
    Manchester NH….2.75 hours…rounded up to 3
    Marshfield MA….2.5 hours before power went out but likely contd
    Boston MA……..2.0 hours continuous…but 4 of 6 hours blizzard
    Taunton MA…….2.0 hours continuous…at least 3.5 hours total
    before data outage

    It should be noted that the following sites had near-blizzard

    Providence RI
    westerly RI
    Chicopee MA

    The following sites may have had blizzard conditions but data were
    lost at the height of the storm…

    Beverly MA
    Plymouth MA

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